Vampire Diaries

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I wrote this story, after having watched the episode where Bonnie gets possessed by her ancestor Emily. I felt so bad for the Salvatore brothers that I decided to write a "happy" ending.

Keep in mind that Hazel is only a character I made up, so she's neither in the Vampire Diaries- series or in the books.

Hope you like it :)

I walked through the woods and was beside him in a heartbeat. Not... that I have any.

"Hazel," he acknowledged. "Not really in the mood."

I ignored him and went to sit beside him on the big rock. I kept silent for a few minutes.

"If you think I want your company, let me inform you; I don't." Damon said.

"Shut up, Damon."

He obeyed.

"I was Catherine's closest friend. I knew her, inside - "

"Out," he finished. "You gonna do your speech over again, Haze?"

"Next time you cut me off, I'll cut off your tongue," I informed him.

He went silent.

"And I knew more than I knew my own name that you and Stefan were... toys she could make her time pass faster with. You may think otherwise, but I know," I took a deep breath. "Bringing her back to life, Damon, what the hell were you thinking? Revenge, I know, but seriously, you would think that would end your misery? Catherine was dangerous even as a human being but as a vampire she was... even I was afraid of what Catherine was capable of. Sure, she looked all sweet and pretty in her corsets and her poofy dresses, but she was danger itself. You would never have gotten your revenge on her if you'd brought her back because she would have done everything in her power to live the life she had hundred and a half years ago. Thing is I really thought you knew this... but I guess you don't." I stood up.

The night was beautiful and the smell from the fire Emily had lit was in the air all around us.

"Knowing you, you'll sit here and sulk and ponder on how you won't ever see Catherine again and to be sincere with you, pal, that's a waste of time," I bent down so that my face was an inch away from his. "You never loved her, and neither did Stefan. You simply saw a beautiful girl who confided in you like no one ever had and badabing- badaboom you thought you were head over heels for her." I moved my face a little closer to his and whispered. "You know this, though. You deny it and try to lock it away in your head. But it'll always be there."

I straightened up. "I'm going to Stefan; I bet he's all brokenhearted over Elena. You can choose to come with me, or stay here, sulking," I waited for a few seconds. "But you'll sulk." I turned around. "When you've come to your senses, call me." I walked out of the woods and sped up, wanting to be there for Stefan. In my own way.

I love both Salvatore's. They are each other's contrasts but to me they are still the same.

I opened the door to their house without bothering to knock. "Stefan?" I called.

I didn't get an answer so I followed his scent and was in the bigger living room as soon as it hit my nose.

He was lying on the coach, his arm over his eyes. I went and sat there and removed his arm.

He used all his powers trying not to maintain his position, but considering his lack of human blood and his young age, he was no match for me.

I saw that he was crying and I tried masking my surprise and shock, though I didn't think I succeeded very well. That was the first time I had ever seen Stefan cry.