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Pen Your Pride

Ch. 13 The Apology

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    Wrapped in Lennox's arms I feel confused and frustrated. After dinner last night, he showed me the rice crispy treats that he made me and I melted. Then he told me I had to beat his apology. The way he was looking at me told me what he wanted, I think. Lennox is like a riddle I can't quite figure out. One minute, I see his joking side, the next he's cold, like a curtain gets pulled and I have to struggle to figure out his mood. I need to talk to Marta; she knows more about guys than I do. I feel a trickle of wetness between my legs. Oh no, my period.
I try to get out of bed without waking Lennox but I'm unsuccessful. He leans up sleepily. "I need to go to the bathroom." I explain, my cheeks burning. I doubt Lennox has any tampons.
He lifts his arms and I scramble out of bed and into the bathroom. I sit on the toilet and confirm my suspicions. Now what? I have no options.
I clear my throat. "Lennox." I call.
"Yes baby?" He asks, sleepily.
Dang it! I hate my life. "I um...I started my period." I tell him, cringing. He groans and gets out of bed.
"I'll be back in five minutes." He replies.
I hear him shuffling around and the bedroom door open. Why didn't I think about this before I left the house? I wait a couple minutes before I wipe and leave the bathroom. I pick up his cell phone and walk back to the toilet. Sitting back down, I dial Marta's cell number and hit send.
"What?" She asks, sounding grumpy.
"I started my period and Lennox had to go get me tampons. Now I'm stranded on the toilet. Oh and last night I accused him of having a relationship with Wendy and was mean to him. Now I owe him an apology and I have to top his apology to me, which was him making me rice crispy treats." I rush taking a deep breath. I hear silence then Marta's laughing hysterically.
"Lennox went to buy you tampons!" She laughs. "I just can't see him doing that." She replies, clearly entertained.
"He had to. I don't have any with me."
"You better give him a real good blow job for that." She states.
I scoff. "I don't know how to do that." I can't imagine the awkwardness of my attempt to learn.
"You're a smart girl. You'll figure it out."
"Yeah, I'll just tell him to lie on his back while I figure out how to give him a proper blow job." I reply, rolling my eyes. "Can you ever-" I look over to see a grinning Lennox leaning against the door frame. Why do I do this to myself? I left the stupid door open. "Tell me you haven't been standing there long." I beg, mortified.
He chuckles and I hear Marta squeal with laughter. "He heard you! This is the greatest night of my life!"
"I hate you." I reply, hanging up. "I borrowed your phone." I say, sheepishly. Avoiding eye contact with him I hold his phone out to him. He takes it and hands me the tampons. "Thank you."
"You're welcome. I'll be on my back waiting for your first lesson." He replies, shutting the door.
"That was a joke!" I yell. Next time I think of doing something stupid like calling my sister, I'm just going to jump off a bridge and save myself the embarrassment.
I take care of business and wash my hands and try to stop my burning cheeks. I open the door and, as promised, Lennox is on his back waiting for me. "Haha." I say, smiling reluctantly.
"You know that's twice you and your sister were caught talking about me and blow jobs."
"It's not my fault she thinks it will solve all my problems." I mutter. I climb into bed and turn off the lamp.
"Was that supposed to be my apology?" He asks amused.
"No, she said I better give you one as a 'thank you' for the tampons."
He moves to wrap himself around me and I fall asleep in his strong arms.
I wake up alone and I don't hear Lennox. I assume he's either in his office or out for a run. I go to the bathroom to take care of things and walk to the kitchen. I just take down a glass and fill it with orange juice when Lennox comes in wet with sweat. His chest is bare and his track pants are almost falling off his hips. He looks mouthwatering.
"Stop looking at me like that or I'll take you, bleeding or not." He states. My eyes snap to his and I see them dilate. I look to the ground as he steps forward. Wanting a distraction, I grab my juice and take a drink. He stops in front of me and lifts my chin up with his large hand. This is when I'm most nervous with Lennox, when his wolf takes over so quickly. His eyes land on mine, he growls and I jump. "Don't do that." He orders. I nod, not really knowing what he's saying. I assume it's my nervousness, he doesn't like when I show my fear. He won't hurt me, I know he won't, but it's almost instinctive for me to run when I see his wolf rise. It will be better once he claims me. I'll be able to judge his moods better.
His eyes remain locked on mine until he backs up slightly. "Sorry." I say, feeling inadequate and ashamed. I hurt his feelings when I show my fear of him. It indicates my lack of trust in him. "I know you won't hurt me. It's just that when your wolf surfaces, it's so raw and powerful, it's intimidating. I'm not used to seeing that side of someone come so quickly." I admit.
He doesn't reply just kisses my lips quickly and walks away. Great, just when I think we understand each other I find out I'm missing more puzzle pieces of him. I sit down and sip my orange juice. A sweaty Liam comes in breathing hard. I chuckle. "Tough work out?" I inquire, smiling.
Still breathing hard he nods and gets a glass of water. "You could say that."
"What were you doing?"
"Training. You don't have to worry about him losing his fight with Alpha Rhys. He took us all on. Didn't even faze him." He shakes his head tiredly. "Everyone knows about his strength. Hopefully, Rhys comes to his senses and backs out."
"He can't back out now and between you and me, I think Lennox is looking forward to it. He told me he lives of it." I say.
He nods. "So, you're moving in?" He asks.
"No, I just stayed last night. My bed got torched remember?"
"Vaguely." He jokes. He leans in and whispers, "He has a habit of not saying what he wants and just takes it. You're moving in here today, he told me."
"Why wouldn't he tell me first?" I ask, outraged.
"He probably thought you figured it out when he brought you here last night." He reasons.
I guess it doesn't matter. He is going to mark me soon anyway so it makes sense. I just wish I knew him better. At least we have chemistry, I want him and he wants me. I hope we end up having more in common than that though. Even having slept together it still feels like we're just barely above acquaintances at times.
A freshly showered Lennox comes in the kitchen. "Hungry?" He asks me.
"Not really." I answer.
"We're going to your house and getting a few of your things. Then we can eat breakfast at Lilly's Diner."
I nod and stand up. Liam stays behind and I wave goodbye to him and follow Lennox out to his truck. The ride to my house is uncomfortable, Lennox isn't talking to me and I don't know if he's mad or not so I keep quiet.
At my house we walk into silence; everyone is gone. Its eleven o'clock but I already have a new mattress on my bed. I take a suitcase and put it on the floor of the closet and pack my clothes. Lennox stands in the doorway watching. I can't believe this, but I'm tempted to try and give him a blow job so he forgives me. I don't care how embarrassing it is. I hate this silent treatment. I need a plan. I have to change anyway; I'm still in my pajamas from last night. I'll get naked and approach him. I know he likes when I'm naked, maybe that will soften him up. What if he rejects me? It's possible he's that angry with me.
Sucking up all my courage I take down a floor length black summer dress and drape it on a shelf. I pull my shirt off and slide my shorts down. I don't have a bra on so it leaves me in my underwear. I turn to Lennox and walk towards him. He watches me advance, his arms crossed and his face unreadable. I don't say anything as I step in front of him. I watch my hands unbuttoning his jeans and lowering the zipper. I drop to my knees as I take him out of his pants. He is large and hard when I lick the tip and look up at him. His eyes are heated and his jaw clenched tightly. I take that as a sign of encouragement and put my mouth around him, my hands resting on his thighs. Moving my head back and forth, sucking lightly. I move one hand to the base of his manhood holding it as I try to move faster. He moans cupping the back of my head. He moans one last time and forces me to stand up. He pulls up his pants and picks me up quickly, walking out of the room.
    I'm so confused at this point; I think I was doing it wrong. He opens the bathroom door and sets me down while he starts the shower. I watch him undress in record time. He wants a shower? He grabs my arm pulling me towards him and slides my underwear down. Walking under the spray of the water he pushes me against the cold tile and kisses me roughly. He spreads my legs and I feel him pull my tampon out and turn throwing it in the toilet. I'm stunned and horrified until he turns back to me lifting me by my butt and thrusting himself inside of me. I gasp feeling him fill me completely. His pace is urgent as he slams into me, his grunts getting louder. My nails dig into his back holding onto his shoulders. His face is in my neck nipping and sucking on my tender flesh. I feel myself start to peak and his teeth sink into my neck. My legs shake and squeeze and lock around his waist as I feel my world explode. "Lennox," I moan closing my eyes.
    He rests against me pinning my hips to the tile with his, both of us breathing hard. "I forgive you." I hear the smile in his voice as he starts to suck on the mark he just gave me. It sends tingles throughout my body and I arch into him. He doesn't stop his assault on my neck until I'm writhing beneath him, raising my hips trying to get friction. When he finally moves, stopping the torture, I'm wild with need. He takes me to new heights, the feeling more intense than the last. When we both find our release again I'm exhausted.

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