Chapter 5

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Suga's POV

We were talking everything was fine until the light comes off in the store. The food was falling off the shelves but no one was to be seen doing it. Some people were wondering what was happening everything was happening too fast for a person to do. Then the store starts shaking like an earthquake people were screaming they try to run out but the door was then blocked. The lights started twitching and when the shaking stopped some parts of the ceiling it was going to fall on wendy so i grab her and cover her so she won't get hurt. Something fell on me and i started bleeding. The police arrived, the worker must've called them. When they opened the door the lights came back on some were twitching. I let go of wendy and their was writing on the wall. My eyes widened and I started becoming worried. The message was written in blood but no one was killed or seriously hurt, thankfully.

Wendy's POV
I was so scared, but Suga was holding me tight so i wasn't that scared. I saw a message on the wall what did it mean! We went outside the store while they were police cars and reporters. I saw Suga's hand it was bleeding i got so worried is he hurt?
"Is your hand okay? It's bleeding!" I was holding his hand to see the cut and he roughly snatched his hand away. He looked angry at me he started being so cold.
"Why do you care? Huh why are you touching me!" He looked at me with disgusted eyes.
"Because were friends and i care about you?"
"You actually thought we were friends? HAHA well i don't care about you. You were just my next victim but your so annoying and tough to deal with it! Look at what happened. JUST LEAVE! I don't wanna see you anymore."
I wanted to cry so badly, just when i thought everything was fine! I held back my tears but i really thought i made a friend even if it was this idiot.
"Alright. Fine, i don't wanna see you anymore!" She couldn't hold back the tears. While crying i said "I HATE YOU"

(Author's note)
If your a little confused on what's happening, that's the point 😉, and later you'll find out why.

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