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Back with another chapter. Just enjoy and I'll talk to you little heathens later byyye. If you haven't read the last chapter, read it so you want get confused. This will be talking about the death at Disney world please don't find this offensive.

Tyler: No we are not waiting to talk about this. You are grounded after we come from our trip.

Anathema: Fine. WAIT a Trip?!

Tyler: That's right.

Anathema: Where are we going, Bahamas, Vegas-

Tyler: Disney World!

Anathema: YAY! Disney wor-, Wait DISNEY WORLD.

Anathema: Why Disney world?

Tyler: A kid passed away down there and we are going to sing at Disney world.

Anathema: As long as I get a backstage pass and see the parents of the child I'm goin.

Tyler: I don't know if the family will ever come to Disney world again.

Anathema: I would sue.

Tyler: Same but we can't

Anathema: That sux.

Tyler: Anyway, pack your bags, we are going to Disney world!

Anathema: Yaay, ( I said sarcastically)

I hope that child's parents are ok. Its one thing losing a family member, but losing your son is another, and I'm pretty sure it hurts. I pack my bag and we leave to go to Disney world.

( Sorry I didn't make a story when they went to Disney land, just so you know Tyler sung oh miss believer and there was alot of crying, they soon make it back home from crying and riding roller coasters to find someone broke into the apartment.)

Hey sorry the chapter is short I have to change the cover to this book so it should be good. Hope you liked this chapter and have an amazing day, bye.