(Edited) Chapter 28 & 29

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I decided to skip class.

After my conversation with Hailey, I felt really, really tired. Today has been a long day; is a long day.

I wouldn't have been able to focus during class anyway. I just can't stop thinking about Scar. All I can see is this image of Scarlett locked in William's embrace. It's downright torturous.

One of my biggest nightmares has become a reality. Scarlett is with someone else now. Scarlett has a boyfriend. Nerdy, socially awkward Scarlett who lacked a love life has a boyfriend now. A boyfriend with whom she'll do couple-y things.

She'll kiss, and he'll kiss her back. With tongue. Lots of tongue. William seems like the type of guy who likes tongue.

He's gonna touch her like...everywhere. Everywhere. And she's going to touch him right back.

At night, when she feels lonely, he is the one she will call, and they'll talk on the phone for hours. He will be the first person she thinks of when she wakes up.

When her favorite boy band will release some new music, he'll be the one she'll force to listen to their songs. She'll steal food off his plate, and smack him when she's irritated.

He'll get to witness her laugh first hand, and then he'll act like a dork, just to make her laugh again. Because god, that laugh of hers, is the most beautiful sound ever.

And I really do hope he acts like a dork to make her laugh. She deserves to laugh.

A lot.

And when she's nervous, she'll go to him and she'll text him when she finishes reading a book, and cry to him about all the characters that broke her heart, and the evil antagonist, and the one she fell in love with.

All the things she did with me, she'll do with him now.

And I never explicitly appreciated these tiny things Scarlett did but now she's gone, truly gone and I know I'll miss every single thing about her. All of them.

Well of course, she's not dead or whatever. But things will change. Things have changed. We're not even friends anymore, and even if by some miracle we do become friends again, there will always be this crack in our relationship. It'll never be the same again.

I wish I could go back in time and do thing over. Say things when I should've said them, express my feelings directly and immediately. I wish I'd never let her go.

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