"You father." She said it like a statement she was not sure of.

I nodded.

"He didn't approve of anything I did. I was the soccer captain and my dad said, there is not much life for a soccer player. I learned piano for him but he said I needed a lot of practice to beat his older uncle's son or someone like that. I was the tennis star of my college but he never once came for my games.

He wanted me to do one thing I didn't want . I ran away, I choose my own path and left him behind. But he never once called or tried to ask about me. My mom didn't had the guts to stop me. And now here I am, still trying to make him proud."

As if she knew I needed her touch, she slipped her hands into mine giving me warmth and reassurance.

"What was the business you were running away from?" She asked the question I didn't want to answer.

"You don't want to know, you might run away scared." I tried to put lightness in my tone.

"Even if I want to I can't run away from the only person who cares for me."

The thought made me feel happy again.

"Mob boss." I said it out loud, dread creeping in as soon as I said it out loud.

"What?" She stopped and looked at me.

"My dad was a high level gangster. He is kind of reformed now, still under police surveillance but Daniela's dad, the commissioner helped my dad. But these habits do not go away easy and he wanted me to take his place. I don't know what he does now that I left." I let out all my evil family history, burden of guilt and gave her a chance to untangle her hand from mine.

But she held it on and her grip grew tighter as if she was assuring me that she was going nowhere. I relaxed under her touch instantly.

"You are not screaming and running away?" I questioned just to know the reason.

"Well, you are rich, good-looking, kind, famous with a dangerous family. I can't let such a good catch get away." She gave me a sassy reply.

I laughed completely at ease with her now.

She was an angel , I was sure now.

"I am a catch for you? "

"Well and that you did what no one can. You made me smile truly" She leaned closer to me, her head almost above my shoulder as we walked together.

"And that you don't  see me like a person rejected by many, like a girl with sad past and girl who need pity. So, I don't really care if your dad is an alien or a gangster. Frankly," she gave a sheepish smile, "I think it is kind of cool."

If I hadn't laughed enough, I was laughing hysterically now.

So I did what my very happy heart told me to and kissed her, hard and rough.

She smiled into our kiss as if she was laughing on something.

"What?" I asked now outside her shop after all that walking.

"We are back to where we started from," She said with a bright smile.


"We are here for your lesson." And walked into the shop.

Curious, I walked in.

She looked around the flower and settled on one and came towards me.

"Iris." She gave me a flower.

"And it stands for compliments, wisdom and hope."

"This is just perfect, how do you even find these?" I asked her in wonder.

"Amelia was my roommate in college and she was into this stuff. I learned all those to impress my foster parents and used to take flowers for them." A slight sadness reached her eyes.

"I am taking these , obviously."

"For the amount of compliments I showered you with?" She gave me an amused look.

"No, Aster Walsh," I kissed the tip of her nose making her sigh.

"I am buying this because you are the wisdom and hope for me."

"Like you are for me, Kyler Holt." She answered back gently.

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