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After walking to school and meeting up the boys. The same girl enters our school. The only thing I wonder who is that girl. "Why is that girl so emo looking" Aaron asks. Rosie nudges him. "Shhhhhhhh she is right over there" Rosie points. I look. It's the same girl at her locker. "Me and Tyler are going to science" Aaron says.
They tell us goodbye and they leave. "Ya I have to go to art" Rosie groans in anger. She leaves.
I'm the only one in the hall and just this girl in her locker. I walk near her. She turns around. She hisses in a way. She then runs at me and slams me to the lockers. "WHAT THE *UCK GET OFF ME!!" I yell. "IM SASHA CALL ME SA LET'S BE FRIENDS!" She yells in my face. I struggle to get off her grip. I start slapping her. "I WANT TO BE FRIENDS!!" She yells. "IM NOT YOUR FRIEND THIS IS NOT HOW YOU GET FRIENDS!!" I yell finally getting out of her grip. "I'm Sa and now I'm your enemy" she says and she grabs her roller bookbag and walks off. I stay on the floor. "Sa...." I murmur to myself. I get up and I run to math.

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