Chapter 3

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I drew the picture to the right of what Jinx looks like :)


The moon levitated high in the sky, full and glowing. I had yet to find Gaara, but I immediately dismissed the thought of it being my own fault. I'm not boasting, really; it was just that every time I felt that I was close, the presence of him disappeared. He was avoiding me. So, Ill just have to use stealth.

I suppressed my chakra, disguising it almost perfectly. I managed to track down Gaara again with the help of Suterusu, and was able to make my way to a local rooftop neighbored with the one Gaara now sat upon. The moon illuminated his face, emphasizing his smooth frown of nonchalant. The same source casted shadows over his already blackened eyes, directing the eye to his glowing seafoam green orbs, now cold and sad. I frown and take a step forward.

"Another step and I'll kill you without a second thought." He speaks up, keeping his gaze towards the moon. I stop.

"Gaara." I say as gently as I could, still just happy to see him again. This time he does turn to me, but with a hard glare.

"Turn around and run away." He says slowly and menacingly. "That's what you're good at." I frown. So you're father didn't tell you the truth...surprise surprise..

"Gaara, you don't understand-" Okay, maybe not the best word choice in the world, but what can I say? Its been years since I last saw him and I was still a little overcome with shock. But I digress. Like I mentioned earlier, not the best word choice as the sound of running sand reaches me. My gaze snaps to my ankles, where Gaara's sand wrapped around tightly and slowly slid its way up my legs, striking me immobile. I look back up to see Gaara glaring hard at me through his maroon bangs.

"What exactly do I not understand?" He hisses daringly. The sand was to my mid-thighs now, its journey up my body progressing slower and slower. Gaara's glare intensified. I bite my lip.

"That's not what I meant." I say, frowning when his sand constricted tighter around my waist. "Gaara, I didn't mean to leave." I say softly. Gaara scowled at me in annoyance and anger.

"Then what do you call abandoning me without any word?" He hissed. I frown as the sand begins to tighten uncomfortably. I try to shift in discomfort and then the sand stops tightening further.

"That's what your father told you isn't it?" I say knowing it's a touchy subject to bring up as the sand resumes tightening ever so slowly."But please listen to me. I didn't ever want to leave you. Your father lied to you. He made me go away, your father had me forcibly removed." Gaara paused and his sand stopped completely. I sighed. "If it were up to me , we would have come today for the Chunin Exams together." I told him softly. Gaara looked thoughtful, reasoning that it wasn't rare for his father to lie to him, and that he would do anything to keep Gaara as his weapon, even if it meant taking away the only thing that made him happy. But then again, you could be lying just like them. Unfortunately, it didn't matter the reason. You left him, and that began his Hell.

Gaara turns his head to the moon again and the sand dropped from me. I keep my eyes on him as I slowly make my way to him. He makes no move to stop me this time. I stop about two feet away from him; he still ignores me. I sink to a sitting position next to him.

"Are you angry with me?" I ask him. Gaara remains silent for a moment, wondering why you would ask such a strange question. He had, after all, just tried to kill you. And now you were asking if he was mad at you. Still, he found it hard to admit he wasn't mad. It wasn't that he wanted to be mad at you, he just wanted to be mad, period. He wouldn't admit it, but he was worried that since he wasn't angry with you, you would become a weakness to him if he got attached like he did when he was a child. Gaara didn't want you to betray and lie to him like everyone else had, but he was almost positive that you would. Almost.

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