Chapter 2

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I wake up with a sleepy yawn, getting up and beginning my usual routine. As I gathered my silvery gray and black locks, my mind wandered to my dream. It's been a while since I had even thought about my past, and there it came full swing at me. I wonder why..

I reached down and grabbed my scissors. Staring down at the slick black steel weighing my hand down slightly, my mind flashed to when I first used them. Shaking my head, I twirl it into my hair, and then my second pair, as if they were chopsticks keeping my hair spilled out into a voluminous ponytail. I brushed my bangs out of my eyes, and ran my fingers over a long strand that rested on my collarbone.

Turning towards my closet, I saw my regular outfit. Gaara. Despite my lack of examination to my past, this boy was on my mind occasionally. I wonder how you're doing without me? I wonder if your mad that I left..I wonder if your father told you..

My outfit was a black pinstripe jacket that ruffled out into a short dress. The bottoms of my black shorts peeked out a little. The sleeves went to just short of my fingers, the bottoms being 3 inches of white cuffs. Lacing my mid shin black sandals up and tying my Leaf Headband around my neck, I headed out the door.

Outside, my teammates were already waiting for me. Kisai and Suji. Kisai was the brain, she's the smartest person Ive ever met. She makes all of our plans and strategies. Kisai isn't very strong, and gets scared easily. What She lacked in courage and strength, she made up for in IQ. Then there was Suji. The complete opposite of Kisai. He is all muscle, and rarely relies on Genjutsu or Ninjutsu, only using his fists. But that's all he needs, he even saved me from some sticky situations. Unlike Kisai, he usually zones out during game plans and Im the one that has to explain it simply for him later. He's not the smartest, but he does have common sense and sometimes he manages to shock people with good ideas. Despite this, he's very kind at heart and a little sensitive, and its when his friends get hurt that he fights at full strength. Because of his massive size, he likes to eat, but he's no Chouji, not by a long shot. Kisai and Suji are brother and sister. I met them at the orphanage, where I got dumped upon arrival to the Leaf Village. Through the academy and Genin life we've always been together.

They greet me as I walk up to them. Kisai adjusts her glasses and bounces on her heels. "So whatcha wanna do today?" She asks happily. "We can go to the library?" She suggests. Suji scoffs.

"How lame, no one wants to do that! I say we go to get some training in!"

"We can go pickpocket people." I suggest. Yes, this was my pass time. I was born into a line of master thieves after all. Besides, the feeling when I steal something unnoticed was so exhilarating. Of course, I gave everything back once they noticed..well most everything. I still remember the look on Kakashi's face when I stole his Make Out Paradise book.

Speak of the Devil, in a sudden poof of smoke, the spiky haired ninja appeared in front of us. I raise an eyebrow. "You do know its daylight right? Early daylight? We're your night team, you don't have to train us until dark. Plus you're probably pissing off Naruto and the others." I say. Kakashi's eye curves in a sheepish smile.

"Yeah I know. I just wanted to tell you guys first because you guys don't waste my time." He said, scratching the back of his head.

"Tell us what?" Suji asks, cocking an eyebrow.

"Did you elect us for the Chunin Exams?" Kisai says excitedly. Suji and I share a look.

"Yes I did, Kisai. Nice deduction. Here are your forms. Bring them if you decide to come. Admission is optional." He said, saying his goodbyes and leaving. I smirk. One step closer to becoming stronger. A better thief; a new brand of thief. I'm going to make Father proud.

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