Little Peter Parker

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Tony landed on the smooth surface of his skyscraper penthouse and began taking off his suit through his hi-tech gauntlet of gadgets. He sighed in bereavement as he walked across the large open area to his living room. Dreading the loneliness he was about to face.

"Jarvis, check damages in the suit. Find the bugs," he said grimacing as his mind ran back to him, almost plummeting into the Atlantic. He had been checking the Stark Industries pipeline, after Jarvis had notified him of a leak. It was easy to fix, but water had somehow gotten to two vital circuits within the vibranium alloy.

"Sir, it appears the pulse relay of your thrusters have been damaged by exposure to water. I advise you not fly at Mach 5 until it's fixed." The computerized voice spoke, making Tony grit his teeth.

"That's just wonderful," he drawled, raking his fingers through his hair.

He plopped down on the couch, grabbing his high tech earpiece. Looking disheveled, as he thought about Steve. It had been three weeks since he left for Kazakhstan, on a recon mission. Tony missed him, and somewhere across the high seas, Steve was missing Tony too. He wasn't all too happy with the mood Steve had left in, but he promised Tony that this was his last mission for a while. Hopefully they could at least try and focus on their relationship, within whatever free time they could salvage.

Tony had put all his projects on pause, or simply let Pepper deal with it for him. He needed some time alone with Steve, and even though their relationship had seemingly budded in the space of two years. He still felt the need to see his Soldier, and maybe focus on building their love life and not his machines. But something told him that this last mission was personal to Steve, in some way.

"Well somebody's face seems to be on ice." Tony heard Steve's voice behind him, and he looked up to see him standing there with a broad smirk on his face. The handsome Super Soldier, stood in the doorway eyeing Tony with a piercing blue gaze.

Tony's mood changed instantly, as his eyes roamed over the love of his life. Dressed in jeans, but nothing else. Tony's lower region began to grow due to the appeal Steve let off, and he wanted to just rip the denim from the man's body.

The waist of the jeans hugged Steve's hips, revealing a light dash of his pelvic hair that dusted below his belly button. It appeared Kazakhstan was sunny, for Steve's skin gave off a more olive tone. His abs glistening slightly under the luminous glow from the overhead lights.

"You tanned?" Tony asked and Steve chuckled, lowering his head. His gaze shifted back to Tony's face, blue eyes piercing and filling with amusement.

"I hate tans," Steve drawled walking up to the couch slowly, his broad shoulders swaying with dominance and swagger.

"I like it on you." Tony spoke huskily as Steve drew nearer.

As soon as Steve was arms length away, Tony reached out and pulled him on top of him. Bucking slightly as the man straddled him, arms wrapping around his neck. They came face to face, and their breathing hastened as need filled them both. Steve's freshness wafted to Tony's nose, and he thought of how he needed a shower. But he was too exhausted to initiate it anyway, for his mind constantly travelled back to his suit and he was itching to go fix it. "I really need to go fix this suit, but you're prancing around half naked." Tony chided and Steve rose an eyebrow.

"I missed you," Steve spoke, burying his head into Tony's neck, distracting him from his thoughts.

Wrapping his arms around Steve's waist, Tony clutched onto the man. "Really? And you stayed all that time away doing god knows what in Kazakhstan?" Tony asked in a teasing voice, his mustache twitching slightly. They're warmth spread to each other as they huddled close, and Steve growing his taut buttocks atop Tony's stiff pelvis.

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