strange men wanting Naruto and sasuke

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Naruto's POV

As we were covering our noses only a total 5 or 8 students weren't knocked out as half of our teacher nocked out though.

Looking over to sasuke he seemed very on edge right about now and I can't blame him for it neither I was on edge to the room was also completely dark "we have finally found you naruto  uzumaki and sasukie Uchiha" a man yells as he chuckles softly but I knew who he was I think sasuke did to.

"Or should we say jinkuriki or the mine tails" "and the little brother of itachi of the sharangan" the other man says I could tell there were two cause they had different voices the 8 student looked at me and sasuke as we glared up at them.

"Shut up you don't know anything" I yelled getting frustrated "oh of course we do we know your parents and what you were like when you were little and what you did when you got older" the man says as I started to blushed I couldn't tell if anyone else was but i know for sure I was cause who wants to be spide on and watched every day with out you know it.

Soon there sounds of the guys getting harmed as they seemed to be fighting someone or people.

Soon the lights turned on as there stood our brothers kyuubi and itachi they weren't happy at all as they got down and sent tell 8 students to sleep.

"Are you two ok" kyuubi says as he yelled at both me and menma "ya I am but I don't know about Naruto"  menma says as nodded.

"Are you two alright" itachi says to sasukie and sasuke.

"You can get ride of us that easily" the same guys yells as they who room became filled with ninjas and they were from two different places and they were working together some from the hidden rain village while the other I don't know but there were after sasuke for some reason I already knew there reasons for me though.

"FIRE STYLE : FIRE BALL JUSTSU" I noticed that the uchihas were working together on fighting so me and menma went back to back "rasange shurikien" we both yelled and threw the justsu at our enemy.

Third person POV

Kyuubi just fought regularly as he dint really do much actually he barley used a justu or used up his chakra at all.

So they fight was easy cays enow they had only 6 more to go and they took them down in only a few seconds though kyuubi and itachi held back.

"though's jerks leaking information like that how dare they" kyuubi says as he wasn't happy "they are gonna pay" itachi says as he crossed his arms and just rolled his eyes in an un happy manner soon they gathered up the men and took them away "be save Naruto who knows what could happen after this ok" kyuubi whispers to Naruto as he nodded "becareful little brother" itachi says as sasuke nods and crossing his arms.

Soon the two brothers left they your get brothers with the men that they were gonna put away.

Soon the lights turned on as the teachers looked at them "let's hurry up well do this tomarrow let's go" kakashi says as he picked up some of the knocked out students "kakashi right we'll continue this dance of youth tomarrow" the next teacher says as he had over sized eyebrows "we'll be trying again tomarrow" sasuke asks as both his hands were in his pockets "ya we are so see you tomarrow" kakashi says as he held the two students and puffed away sasuke looked, down at sakura and ino as he picked sakura up and sasukie picked ino up naruto and menma both picked kiba up "I gotta idea" menma says as he let's 4 of his tails out 2 on both sides as his tails hid perfectly in the dark naruto also took out 4 as menma tide the tips of there tails together and grabbed a dark cloth and placed in on top.

Soon sasuke and sasukie placed people on top of each other which was funny then they walked off going to everyone's house to drop them off at him last one was sakura and ino as sakura was on naruto back while ino was on menma.

To tell you the truth naruto was not happy he was terrified right know and sasuke did not want sakura touching him.

For sasukie he was jelous of ino to be touching his menma though she was nocked out.

Going separet Ways Sasuke Knocked on the door as sakura parents answered it as they gasped "she's fine were starting the school dance tomarrow don't tell her what happened ok" sasuke says as her father nods and picked up his daughter from naruto back as naruto quickly hid his tails and as soon as the door, closed as he intently took his jack off and folded it "were washing this" naruto says as he held it away from him sasuke took the jack and grabbed naruto's hand and started walking home as they held hands together. Naruto blushed madly as he was super embarrassed about holding his crush hand.

With sasukie and menma

Sasukie knocked on the door as he waited as her father opened the door "what happened to my daughter" he asked "there was an ambush so we're doing the school dance tomarrow sorry about you daughter and don't worry she's safe and ok we protected her" sasukie says though he lied about protecting her "thank you" her father says picking up ino "oh and what ever you do don't tell her what happened please" menma says, earning a nod they both walked away "ugh her perfume was killing me" menma complained as he took his jacket off "were going purifing this" menma says as he glared at his jacket soon sasukie grabbed his arms and kissed him as sasuke smirked "let's go".


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