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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 3

You can do this Willow... you are strong, independent and invisible. Just stick to the shadows, don’t draw attention to yourself and you will be fine. I told myself as I stepped out of my mum’s car, my eyes widened at the size of the school. It was huge!

“Relax’ll be fine.” Jane told me as she leant across the seat and gave me a warm smile. “Just don’t eat anyone!” Flynn said in-between laughs. “I’ll eat you in a minute...” I hissed, gritting my teeth together.

“Have fun!” My mum smiled before closing the door and driving off.

I sighed before turning and facing the school. “Invisible... invisible.... invisible...” I repeated as I made my way forward, keeping my head down and plugging my headphones in, blasting a song up full volume .

Around me, crowds of teenagers swarmed, each trying to get somewhere.  I kept my eyes downcast, scared that if I looked up I would be noticed.

“Hey you!” I ignored the loud voice beside me. “Hello!” Someone waved their pale hand in front of my face and I stopped walking. I pulled out my headphones and watched the girl next to me carefully, “finally!” The girl grinned before extending her hand, “I’m Danni.”

“Willow...” I replied taking her hand reluctantly. Danni had long curly red hair that passed her shoulders, her eyes were a bluish grey colour and she was smiling happily. She had a baggy fringe that was just touching her eyelashes, “think it’s time to get a haircut!” She blew the fringe out of her eyes, sticking her tongue out as she did.

“Are you normally like this in front of people you hardly know?” I asked feeling awkward as she tried to flatten her fringe down. “Of course!” She told me, letting her hands drop to her side in defeat as her fringe continued to stick up.

“I’m not a part of the welcome committee, although Mr Reynolds said it would help me make friends.” Danni mused, her finger on her chin as if she were deep in thought. “Everyone seems scared of me for some reason...”

“I can’t imagine why.” I muttered turning my head away from her, hiding a smile. “Do you have your timetable?” Danni asked, changing the subject. I pulled my bag off my shoulder and placed it on the ground; I shifted books around until I found a sheet of paper. I pulled it out and handed it to Danni, her eyes scanned the sheet and she grinned.

“We have the same classes except last... looks like you’ll have to fend for yourself in that period.” Danni smirked as I rolled my eyes; all I did was fend for myself. The bell rang signalling that school was starting. I walked forward, Danni trailing by my side, panting as she tried to keep up. “We should go another way... so they don’t see us.” Danni whispered as she pulled my arm so I was close to her, I frowned.

“Who?” I asked as Danni pointed a finger towards a group of people who stood by the steps, laughing as people rushed past them. “What are they like popular?” I asked grimaced as I looked at the five of them. “Popular...” Danni shook her head, “No, everyone hates them, you can’t be popular when everyone hates you... well I guess afraid of would be the appropriate word.”

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