Dieci- Run!

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The smell of coffee met my nose as soon as my eyes snapped open. And I didn't have time to run to the bathroom before I threw up all over my cheetah comforter.

"Shit!" A female voice said from the door. I was too busy throwing everything up to look up and see who talked. It was a voice I didn't recognize. She ran towards me and held my hair up as she rubbed my back gently. "It's okay, sweetheart." She choked on her own words as she told me. I felt bad but at the same time, didn't care. I felt like I was throwing up bricks. My throat hurt so bad, I wanted to die.

I drank last night I know that. How much is what I want to know.

"I got this, darlin'. Can you grab me a towel and wet it with cold water? They're in the closet restroom. To the left." Reese said as she sat down in front of me and started tying my hair I to a messy bun.

"I'm sorry." I choke out weakly. My throat felt dry and it burned after I stopped throwing up. I tried to look at Reese but my whole body was shaking and I was sweating as if I ran a marathon. I even tried to lift my hands but they fell limply on each side of me. Reese stands and starts removing the top blankets. With each one she takes off she throws them to the floor with a curse word.

"You should be sorry, you bitch. You scared me! I thought you were gonna die on me, Bree. Do you know how scared I was? I turn around one second and you take shots. not just shots of tequila but shots of Jack Daniels. What the fuck was wrong with you?" She snapped at me. I look at her and she has tears in her eyes. I can argue with her that it was more than one second but I'll probably get sucker punched in my throat. I lie back down and feel the left side of the bed. Expecting to feel Tanner. The guy can literally sleep through a hurricane. I look over for the first time.

It's empty.

"Where's Tanner?" I ask, confused. I sit up again and frown at Reese. She looks around nervously avoiding my questioning look.

"What?" I snapped at her. She sighed and finally met my stare.

"He didn't come home last night, and, well, I was hoping you would still be asleep and maybe when you woke up later he'd be here." I frown at that. Ever since we moved here, even when we both argued, he came home and slept on the couch.

"Pass me my phone." As I dial Tanner the girl walks in with several hand towels. The phone goes to voicemail. I call again and I get his fucken voicemail again! I throw the phone to the floor and lay back down.

Reese clears her throat and hands me the hand towels. They're warm. I put one on my forehead and another on my throat. "Bree, this is Amy hart, Amy this is Aubrey but everyone calls her Bree."

"Ciao, Bree." She extends her hand but thinks better of it. I don't blame her, I wiped my mouth with my hands.

"Are you Italian?" I ask her. Something about when she said hello in Italian triggered something. Reminded me of something. Someone. And my question was déjà vu, too.

"Si, my family are Italian. Do you remember anything from last night?" Amy asks with humor. For some reason, that annoys me.

"Wow, you weren't lying, Reese. She does make a constipation face when she thinks." They both bust up laughing. I ignore them and keep trying to remember what happened last night. I know I met a guy. Blue eyes, tall. I just can't remember his name. Amy's phone starts ringing Michael Jackson can't get enough. "My friend, excuse me."

I wave her off. Something about her look on her face tells me something is going on. She smiles and I know it's fake, because I've been smiling like that for the past year...

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