Chapter 1

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Alison POV

The ear splitting sound of my alarm woke me with a jolt.

I sat up and sighed, looking at the clock. 6:30. Time to get ready for my first day. I got up and grabbed a quick shower, then applied a light coating of makeup. I made my way to the closet when Elliott stirred in bed. He opened his eyes and stood up, smiling, "morning you." 

He gives me a light peck and makes his way to the bathroom.

I can only sigh in response and throw on an outfit that is appropriate. A white lace-like sundress with a maroon blazer to go over it, unbuttoned and my nude slip-on flats.

I curled my hair and put in medium sized hoop earrings.

"Perfect," I say with a grin and grab my tan Michael Kors bag.


"Heading out already?" My fiancé says as he sees me pour coffee into my Swell bottle."Yeah I gotta get going. Char! You ready?" 

Charlotte comes downstairs and chuckles, "yeah my ride's here."

"You're what? Why can't I just drive you?"

She shrugs, "cause you're my sister and it'd be weird. That's why. See ya sis! Bye Rollins." She grabs my toast and leaves, eating it.

I drop my jaw and look out the window, seeing her get into a red McLaren F1. "Is she kidding? Who is that?"

I try to get a good glimpse but  all I see is Charlotte get in and a figure holding what looks like a cigarette in their mouth and drove away, smoke whirring around the car.

I sighed, "she took my toast..."

Emily POV

I pulled up to the hell hole and Charlotte gets out of my car and we throw our cigarettes down and smash them with our shoes.

I put my sunglasses on and breathe in through my nose when we reach the front doors, "nothing like the smell of zit cream and hormones in the morning."

Charlotte chuckles and we go to my locker.

"Aye Em. Check that one out," Char nods her head to a girl walking by and I smirk, cat calling at her and she turns around and smirks, walking over.

"You called?"

"That I did," I say and look her up and down, "what's your name sweetheart?"


"Maria. That rolls off your tongue nicely. You know what else would be nice on your tongue?" I smirk widely and she giggles, "what's that?"

"Starts with a D and ends with ick. Mine, that is."

She blushes majorly and says, "sounds like we should test that out."

"Yes we should. Why don't you give me your number aye?" I hold my notebook out and a pen and she gladly writes her number down. She walks away and I grin. "One down. Definitely a freshman. A hot one though."

"Hell yeah."

A blonde walks over and smiles, "hey ass wipe."

I nod, "Marin. Always a pleasure."

She grins at Charlotte, "hey jack ass."

"Sup slut," Charlotte replies and then Aria walks over, "hey guys. Happy first day."

Aria is actually the oldest of us. She is already 18 since her birthday was in July. Mine is in November so I'm still 17. Sadly.

According to my fake ID though, I'm 22.

"Hey you." Paige walks over and kisses my lips but I pull away and laugh, "what do you think you're doing."

She frowns, "kissing my girlfriend?"

Charlotte snorts and starts cracking up.

I shake my head, "really Paige? I've slept with girls 50 times hotter than you. We've slept together several times but what makes you think we're in a relationship? If I was in a relationship it'd be someone worth my time. Sorry not sorry." I pat her cheek and nod my head for my group to follow me to our first period. English.

"Hey man isn't your sister the teacher or something?" I say to Charlotte and she groans, "sadly."

"Is she hot?" I asked and Charlotte glared at me, "really?"

I hold my hands up and shrug, "just asking."

"Emily it's illegal to even date an adult. You're 17."

I chuckle, "I was joking. I wouldn't date her. Be right back. Got business in the bathroom," I wink and go to the bathroom. I pull the baggies out of my pocket and smirk, "pay up Gottesman." I hold my hand out and he sighs, "fine."

He pays me my money and takes the cocaine, then sprints out of the bathroom.

I walk out and count the money, then I bump into someone, "hey watch where you're go-" I stop when I look up and a slightly shorter blonde girl is staring at me.

And my god, she was so gorgeous.

All of my words fell out of my mouth and I gulped, "oh uh...sorry. My bad..." 

I then lean against the wall and smirk, nodding my head at her, "how you doin'?"

She giggles and shakes her head, "I am going to my classroom. As should you."

I raise my eyebrows and nod, "right."

I walk towards class and see that she's following me. I walk inside and sit down, then look up to see the same girl at the board, writing out, Ms. DiLaurentis.

"Alright class. Welcome to AP English 12. I'm your teacher for the year and my name is Mrs. DiLaurentis. Now I know it's senior year and also first period so it's 7:30 in the morning so this year will be pretty easy as long as you work your hardest. I don't give a lot of homework so don't worry."

I watched her as she talked and I felt my mouth water up as I stared at her lips.

"So I'll be easy on you guys."

I raise my hand and she nods and points to me. "Yes?"

I smirk and say, "I prefer it hard." I bit my lip and winked, only to have the class laugh. Charlotte slapped my arm and Ms. DiLaurentis glared at me. "Funny Miss..."

"Fields. Emily, Fields. But you can call me daddy," I say and wink.

I see a slight blush form on her cheeks but she sighs, "Miss Fields please keep your comments to yourself."

I chuckle and shut my mouth, leaning back in my seat as she continues her lesson which is really just the syllabus. 

After class Charlotte lingers in the classroom and I stay with her.

"Hey. You left so quick this morning that I didn't get to give you lunch money," Miss D says and hands Charlotte a $5 bill.

"Miss Fields. Can I help you?"

I shrug, "Waiting for Charlotte Miss D."

She raises her eyebrows and Charlotte smiles, "thanks sis. See you later. Em, let's go."

Charlotte leaves and I follow, smiling at Miss D before we head to our next class period.

Wow my teacher is hot.


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