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"God, I'm gonna be tired by the time we get to the Triskelion." I huff as we step over some thick humid tree roots.

Agent Hill rolls her eyes."You'll be fine."

After a few minutes we finally arrive to the Triskelion. "You sure about this ? He'll be here." Sam says quietly next to me.

I nod and give him a small shrug. "Yeah, I mean we all like bad boys don't we."

Sam snaps his head towards
me incredulously. "He's a freakin' assasin. Merly it's not the same thing."

I shrug my shoulders mindlessly. "He's still my type."

"You've got some problems."Sam scoffs.

"Yeah tell me about it." I enjoy being around Sam because he's like an older brother to me.

"Ready?" Cap turns to us and we each give him a small nod.
Agent Hill then interrupts the communication systems and just like we hoped, a tech guy comes and opens the door.

I poiny my gun at his face. "Hi."

He immediately puts his hands up and steps aside signaling us in towards the control room.

I stand next to Steve as he gives his speech about HYDRA being inside SHIELD and their plan to use Project Insight to kill millions of people and why we need to stop them.

Sam smiles at Steve proudly. "Did you write that down or was it off the top of your head ?"

"He's very patriotic. It's in his DNA." I tell him and Steve slightly shoves my shoulder as Sam chuckles.

Hill hands each one of us a chip."Here are the overriding target blades."

"Lets go." Steve motions us towards the door that leads to the Helicarriers's garage.

Alarms start to go off. "Shit! They initiated the lauch. We need to go to the top Now, Go!" I hurriedly push them back and we start running outside.

Two Helicarriers have already managed to get in the air. "Cap, how do we know the good guys from the bad guys ?" Sam asks.

"If they're shooting at you, they're bad." Steve answers.

"Sam can you give me a lift?" I ask as I run next to him.

"It would be an honor Ms.Raven" He picks me up and we take off but soon enough we start getting shot at by a few agents below us which thankfully get taken down by Steve.

"Woman, you are heavier than you look." Sam mutters and I can barely hear him through the loud wind blowing.

"Well it's your fault for making so many pancakes." I yell through the loud sound of the turbines.

"Okay, Now!" I signal Sam and he drops me onto the Helicarrier designated to me.

I bend my knees slightly then roll on the ship's hard pavement once I land, soon enough HYDRA agents start pooling out of the entrance.

"Hey would you look at that, I found those bad guys you were talking about." I tell Steve through my ear communication piece.

"You alright ?" He asks.

"Yeah." I tell him as I jump behind a cargo container.

I take out a smoke bomb and throw it behind at the agents coming my way.

As soon as our area is covered in blinding smoke I start shooting at every moving body that is at the end of my gun's light-laser.

When I don't hear any heartbeats I go over to the dead agents and snatch some guns and a few grenades from them.

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