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.:Chapter Twelve: Everything is Fine:.

"I know I haven't been the best of friends these past few days."

The smallest hand movement.

"I do things without thinking about them twice, or how they will affect you two. And I know it was wrong for me to just run off on you guys when I know you were just concerned for me. I could've stayed and explained to you why I didn't want to talk about it."

Still, he stays by the door. What is it with them and fucking doors?

"And I'm sorry for dragging you two into this mess, especially when I could've avoided all this by not going off with Liam that day." Is he ignoring me? "Please, don't stop try to stop me from apologizing."

"What the fuck do you want me to say Niall?!" Harry seemed to snap before my very eyes, straightening up from his spot and locking eyes with mine.

Taken aback by his response, I stood rooted to the floor, feet taking me back a few steps before hitting the bed as Harry slowly made his way toward me.

"Tell me Niall, what do you want me to say to that huh? That it's all fine and dandy? That we don't mind being kept in the dark about things that can affect us? That Louis is okay with having endured Liam's whispered threats after interfering in the woods? That I'm perfectly happy with you going off with the same guy that hurt you, as if you haven't been physically and mentally hurt by him in the same day?"

With every step, Harry's eyes seemed to grow darker in anger, his voice not once raising in volume, constantly at only just above a whisper. However, when he mentioned Liam threatening Louis, I only looked up at him in shock. That was not something that I had known. Almost as if reading my mind, Harry smiled.

"Oh?" As if amused by my shock, Harry chuckled lowly, stopping before me and tilting his head. Any other time, it would've been cute but right now it was only a mocking gesture. "You didn't know about that? Didn't your best friend Liam mention that while you were staying with him?" Looming over me, Harry's amusement once again turned into anger, though this time it was dark and ugly, twisting his expression into one of utter fury. "Louis was practically in tears by the end of that week. I barely managed to get that little piece of information out of him, after lots of encouragement and reassurances that everything was and would be fine. He refused to tell me what that freak friend of yours said to him. Why do you think he's being this way with you? You're friends with the person that harassed the both of you." I'm too frozen in shock to even stop him from getting up in my face and pressing his forehead to mine, lips brushing mine. "Of course, you wouldn't know that since you're so absorbed in yourself."

It feels like I can't breathe, body fluctuating between hot and cold as his words run through my mind over and over again. I know he's right, that I haven't been paying attention to them like I used to, but my mind reels back from it refusing to come to terms with the truth of it.

With Harry's face so close to mine, I can't think straight; explanations and apologies dying on the tip of my tongue and I know he's waiting for me to say something, to maybe reassure him that I still care for them enough to explain things to them at last. But I can't, even I don't know the full story. Though that's not an excuse for not giving them what I know now.

Instead, I do the first thing I think of while in this mess, and press my lips to Harry's in a soft kiss, slowly pulling back to see his reaction.

His eyes are fixed on me, lips slightly apart and expression unreadable. Seconds pass by, and I raise my hand to his face, cupping it in my palm and stroking his jaw. Hoping that he can hear the sincerity in my voice, I apologize once again, hating that my eyes are beginning to tear up with the weight of all these emotions running through me.

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