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Why, why, why! Why did it have to be Raven! My best friend, the other half of my bond. I think I might have liked her.
Scratch that, I really liked her. Who would have killed her. Cyborg and the Titans east minus speedy/red arrow are trying to piece together her case. Even though I don't look like I am, I'm seriously depressed. I've even broken up with Starfire. Boy she was in tears. Well anyways, I'm going to visit Raven's grave. It's been exactly 3 years since she died. Well, see ya!


After finishing a journal entry, Nightwing picked a crimson red rose from his desk and went to the Jump City cemetery.
He has recently stepped down from leading Young Justice and moved into a penthouse across from Wayne industries in Gotham. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a training room, a large kitchen, and a living room with a glass wall a few yards behind the tv. The roof had a great view of the city at night which reminded him of the Titans tower.

After arriving in Jump City, he went to the grave. But what surprised him was when he saw Superboy on his knees with tears running down his face, in front of Raven's grave.

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