Chapter 8

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Phil woke up before Dan which wasn't at all surprising to him; Dan would stay in bed for a few years if he could.  The party didn't start until 3 and it was only 10 in the morning, so they had plenty of time. Well, Phil had plenty of time unless Dan woke up soon.

When the smell of bacon wafted through Dan's door a few minutes later, Phil knew it was time to wake his friend. He gently grabbed his covered arm, rocking him a little bit and whispering his name. "Dan..... Daaaaaaaannn. Dan, please wake up, there's bacon." Dan slowly opened one eyelid, looking up at Phil and groaning as he turned on to his stomach. Phil huffed at Dan, who now had his face shoved in his pillow. "Dan, please get up or else I will attempt to carry you like a baby, and you know how well that will work out. If I don't drop you, which is a strong possibility, we'll just be equal parts embarrassed when we meet your mom in the kitchen because I'll probably accidentally wham your head on something or drop you on your floor instead of your couch an-". "PHIL! I'm awake ok." Dan huffed, shoving Phil. Phil blushed, realizing how much he'd been rambling, and stood holding a hand out to Dan.

Dan made sure his gloves were secure before graciously accepting Phil's hand.  Phil felt his stomach do a flip when Dan grabbed his hand and then his heart flew out of his chest when Dan laced their fingers together.  Internally, Phil was freaking out, not only from the hand holding but also because this was such a big step for Dan.  He was willingly holding Phil's hand, even initiating locking their fingers together, and Phil couldn't help but feel proud of him.  Externally, he knew he was blushing brighter than a stoplight, and he felt a smile find his face when he noticed Dan was, too.

This is just a friend thing, right?  Friends do stuff like this all the time.  Phil thought to himself.  Yeah, platonic hand-holding.  This is fine.

Dan broke their hands apart as they walked in to the kitchen, hoping his mom either didn't notice or wouldn't say anything. She did notice and gave her son a little smirk, but other than that she didn't say anything on the matter. "I hope you like bacon and eggs, Phil," Ms. Howell said with a warm smile, and Phil eagerly nodded his head. "Yes, I honestly love all breakfast foods just in general," he eventually answered as she set a plate in front of him. Phil didn't include how everything was better when Dan was with him, but he certainly thought about it.


Dan and Phil had finished breakfast really fast and had been playing video games (mainly Mario Kart and a little Guitar Hero at Dan's suggestion) for four hours. The only time they took a break was at noon when they ate lunch. That lasted about thirty minutes, though, and they were right back into Dan's room. "OH MY GOD!" Phil had eventually yelled, "DAN, IT'S 2 O'CLOCK WE HAVE LESS THAN AN HOUR TO GET READY!" "Phil, take a chill pill. We literally have to do nothing besides get into our costumes.  And it only takes like five minutes to get to PJ's from here.  We'll be fine."  Dan's calming voice took immediate effect upon reaching Phil's frazzled mind.

Phil let out a long breath, "Ok, ok. Thanks, sorry I just like being punctual probably more than I should."  Dan snorted, quickly covering his mouth as it turned into a full-blown cackle.  "What?  What'd I say?" Phil giggled.  "I just- I'm almost always late.  I value sleep above most things." Dan forced out between laughs.  "Oh trust me, I know.  I had to rant to get you to wake up.  You wouldn't even get up for food this morning, which should be illegal."  Dan shoved Phil for that, causing another spiraling fit of laughter.

"Alright, maybe we really do need to get ready now." Dan eventually said after they had stopped laughing.  Phil just nodded in agreement, a wide smile still plastered to his face.

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