Chapter 3

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I think I've been staying in the Bathroom for probably one hour and I decided to finally go back out and join the audience before my Boys come on.
The Ticket I bought was for the 1st Row and I hope that Si doesn't see me or realizes that it's me. If you have been to a 5SoS Concert then you know that you're quite a bit far away from the Stage and only close to the Catwalk. I hope they only look at the Standing Area. Wait I dyed my hair and he doesn't know about it, I think I'm good for now.

>Hi. Who is your favorite?< I turn to my left and see a Girl probably 17 years old smiling at me.

>Well to be honest with you I'm here for the opening act. I don't know anything about 5 Seconds of Summer.< I smile back but the look on her Face tells me that she isn't impressed with my Answer but she smiles anyway.

>Ah really? I don't really know anything about Don Broco. How about I tell you about 5Sos and you tell me about Don Broco?<

>That's a great idea. Don Broco consists of Rob the lead singer, Simon the Guitarist, Matt the Drummer and last but not least Tom the Bassist. They are from England and they formed this Band back in 2008. Tom joined them in 2012 and took Luke's place when he left the band. (I have no idea if that's true so just go with it.) They were the support act for Bring Me The Horizon and yeah that's about it.<

>Impressive how much you know about them but I guess it's like that in every Fandom, isn't it?<

>You could say that. So tell me about 5Sos.<

>So 5 Seconds of Summer was formed in 2011 in Sydney, Australia. They started with Covers on YouTube and then supported One Direction on a few tours. They all sing but I'd say Luke is the lead singer. Michael plays the Guitar, Calum the Bass and my favorite Ashton is playing the Drums. Ashton is the oldest in the group and Luke the youngest.<

>Wow you know a lot about these Boys.<

>Yeah. I've been a Fan since 2011. I found them on YouTube and was instantly in love with them. Oh my God how rude am I? I'm Kat by the way.<

>I'm Ronnie. Oh hey the show begins.< I smile at Kat and point to the stage. I was happy to see my Boys again. Rob caught my eye and winked at me which made Kat go crazy because she saw that.

>Omg he is definitely flirting with you Ronnie.<

Let's just say that she freaked out like that every time Rob looked my way. But we still had so much together. Turns out that Kat is alone here because her Friend ditched her and she came all the way from South Africa. I know it's a looong way but she claims she is here for a holiday. We are exchanged numbers and she gave me her Twitter so I can follow her when I get to the Hotel.

>Merci Paris. We are Don Broco and it was a pleasure to play for you. This is our last song and then we'll leave the stage to the Boys you all want to see 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER.< Rob yells the last part and the whole Arena starts to scream and go wild.

>Kat it was a pleasure to meet you and I will definitely stay in contact but I gotta go.< She nods and I leave to the Backstage Entrance without getting caught by any of the Boys. I'm so proud of them.

When I get backstage the lads are starting to leave the stage. I quickly walk to Si's side of the stage and wait for him to come. When he comes he tells Rob how buzzing he is and how happy this makes him. Si looks from Rob to in front of him so he doesn't trip or something and stops walking when he sees me.

>Hello big Brother< I smile at him really big.

>RONNIE!!< He yells and runs to me. He quickly picks me up and spins me around while hugging me tightly. >What are you doing here? And what did you do to your Hair?< He finally let's me down but keeps his hand on my shoulder and looks at me.

>I graduated early and thought why not join my Brother for the rest of the Tour. And I dyed it. Do you like it?<

>You graduated? What? I'm so proud of you little one and I love it.< He is grinning and hugs once more.

>Ronnie? What are you doing here?< Asks a voice behind me. I turn around and see Tom and Matt standing there.

>I graduated early and thought why not join you Dorks for the rest of the Tour.< I smiled at them.

>That's great. We're proud of you.< They come forward and hug me as well.

I hope you liked this chapter and I hope you don't mind waiting longer than usual for chapters.
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