Not Without A Goodnight Kiss

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I know this is a short one but its kinda of a filler chapter but please forgive me I'm having a creative block. kisses S.W

Lily's Pov

"You sure you don't want me to drive you home?" Ethan asked pulling me closer to him, he's been bugging me for about five minutes to agree he could drive me home but the thing is I don't feel like being inn the car with Nina. I looked over his shoulder to see Nina watching us.

"I'm sure... Ethan go" I said smirking he just frowned avoiding my eye. He started walking away, but I quickly pulled him back he was shocked by the action which made me smile I stand on my tip toes, and lean in closer to him.

"But not without a good night kiss" I whisper , he smirked .

He kissed me and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words could never be. His hands rested below my ear, his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingles. I ran my fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and I could feel the beaten of his heart against my chest. I smiled.

But it was short lived we were interrupted with a cough, we pulled back he rested his head onto of mine as I turned to see who made the noise.

"you know I'm still here right" i heard Nina irrupted voice i smiled at her and turned back to Ethan he was smirking

"We know" Ethan said I laughed slightly pecked him on the lips before I started to walk home.

As I was walking down the street it started to rain and as I walked across the wet floor while car headlights reflected in the mirror I couldn't help but stare.


" I love you, you know that, but it has to be done. Just take the package to him, that's it. Take it and don't let the cops see you .don't look shifty, dress nice but not over the top" Daniel voice echoed through the library as I looked at the rain that was falling down the window pane.

"What happened ? Daniel ? Why couldn't she take it" I said it in disgust not looking at him, he never asked me to do something for the gang but over the last couple of days he's been on edge. I then felt his rough hands on my arm turning me towards him. There was pure rage in his eyes, it scared me.

"Babe, are you questioning me? Because if you are you can get the fuck out of my face right now," I flinched at his words his grip tightened around my wrist, a few tears came out as he stared at me.

"Sorry" I looked at the floor his grip started to lose "i'm sorry. I do love you...just put it in my bag, all right?" I looked up at him to see the rage gone replaced with love while he smiled at me.

I was brought out of my day dream when a car splashed me with water, I jumped in shock looking at the car that had splashed me, I sighed looking up at theI sky while the rain covered my face. I hated flash backs and they seem to come all the time these days.

I never found out what was in the packaged I just dropped it off walking away with tears dripping down my face.

i walked home and surprise surprise no ones home no one is ever home anymore not even Callum. i walked straight up to my room placing my stuff in the corner and getting in the shower i was in there for half an hour most of the time i was just watching the water droplets fall. i walked out into my room with a towel around my damp body and what i saw scared me. there where another set of red roses but placed in the middle was one white rose. i walked over slowly like the roses could kill me. i picked up the white rose to quickly causing me to cut myself, i dropped the rose admiralty to the floor and sucked on the blood.

But laying beside the rose on the floor was a note. I bent down to pick up the brown burnt edged paper.

'hear that? it's the sound of your mistakes. when you want it back, gimme a ring! - D'

i read the note over and over again what is 'it' who has he taken.then all of the sudden the door bell rang i looked slowly at the first words, is that what i hear is this my mistake. i slowly walked down stares with the not and white rose in hand i slowly walked down the dark corridor to get to the door i was scared . but another thing accord how did he get in ? i turned the door handle slowly and spend it to see everyone. and by everyone i mean, Ethan, Riley,Charlie ,Mia and Nina.

"I told you we should have called first" Mia said irritated and kept looking over her shoulders.

"Nice towel " I hear Charlie say "ouch " which earns him a punch from Ethan.

"guys what are you doing here?" i say unsure

"well,... it looks like you got a message too" Nina held up he white rose as well as everyone else but Ethan just looked down at the boxes he was carrying.

"Uh... come in ill just go put some clothes on" I said letting them all into my house.

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