Not Quite Fifteen by wheadee

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Author: wheadee

Parts: 21

Status: Completed

Genre: General fiction


"When a one-night stand turns into more, college freshman Emma Miller isn't sure if she's head over heels or in over her head."Emma Miller doesn't drink, never skips class, and would rather be caught up in a book than out at some party. But when her roommate drags her to her first kegger, the unthinkable happens. Emma drunkenly winds up in bed with campus hottie, Truitt Malcolm. After waking up alone and naked in his bed, all Emma wants to do is flee and wallow in her mortification. She's almost out the door, when she bumps into Truitt. Despite her determination to leave, Truitt convinces Emma to join him for breakfast, where he's intrigued by the way she repels his charms. The more Emma resists, the more Truitt chases her, and the more he pursues, the harder she falls for him. With his boyish smile, quirkiness, and the fact that despite it all, he's a bit of a dork, Truitt is nothing like what Emma expected of a frat guy. From his shower of affection, to his genuine concern about her, Emma's certain this is more than a fling. However, when Truitt's popular friends mock their growing relationship, and her own friends warn her away from him, Emma can't help but question if they're falling in love, or if she's about to get played.

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