The Marriage Conspiracy by RaziaSultana

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Author: RaziaSultana

Parts: 15

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance


THEY SAID NEVER..................... Jacob Bruce Crighton son of Devin Richard Crighton hated his father's meddling ways especially in his personal life. The latter had already chosen his bride and had demanded a heir but Jake was not interested in getting married. Not now; not ever! He would show the old man what he was the only one deciding the outcome of his life.Enter Rachel Lloyd, the perfect match for Jacob or so her whole surrounding seem to think. The problem was she had a crush on Jacob during her teenage days and had been completely humiliated when the latter had not reciprocated her feelings. She would try her best to decide the way her life will turn out.As they get together to outrun the old man, they both found themselves attracted to each other and unable to get out of his trap. Will they succeed in thwarting his marriage plans or will they be stuck with each other forever? ...........AND ENDED UP WITH FOREVER

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