Chapter 8: THE DAY OF THE DATES!! ; ] PT.2

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NAE: NO!! i said i dont want to see your fucking face.(-starts to walk away-)

?:i said your gona talk to me!!(-grabs her by her arm where her bruise is-)

NAE:shit!! let goo!!(-trys pulling away and it hurts her-)

??: who is this is he your little boyfriend??!!?(-grip gets tighter-)

NAE: CHRIS GET THE FUCK OFF ME!! (starts crying)

PRINCE: (turns around) AYE MAN!(-runs up to chris-)

CHRIS: (pushes prince and he falls back-)stay the fuck outta this!

PRINCE: (-gets up and sprints to chris) now im in it bcuz you fuck with my girl you fuck with me!!(-punches chris in his face-)

CHRIS: (falls to the floor and hits his head on a table and just lays there holding his head) fuck man(- starts crying a lil-) nae i just wanted to say sorry for what i said and i still love you and i want you so bad! (– starts crying hard in his hands-)

NAE: im sorry chris but i dont want you and you need mental help. our relationship was going no where. you kept hitting me when i didnt want to do what you wanted to do. and when i say it in the kindest way posable you screw things up. i told you then i didnt want to see you and when we were at the hospital i didnt want to see you either. if it wasnt for the security and prince i wouldnt be here right now, but all you caused me was heart ace and pain…. physically emotionally and mentally.i have fucking night mares of you and i never ever want youto be even 1.000feet next to me. i hate you and i mean it.(-walks away crying-)

PRINCE:(- goes to him and punches him 3 times in the stomach and grabs him by his shirt-) evercome near my girl agian or make her cry i will fuck you up. and you wont be walking away with a few brusis or cuts. you wont be walking at all nor wakening up .(-punch him one more time in the face this time-)

CHRIS:(-falls back and hits the floor hard and whispering-) i will get my baby back if its the last thing i do.


NIA’S THOUGHT:so this morning when i woke up i heard my phone ringing from under my little bookbag. i jumped out of bed and ran over to it. it was roc texting me.



NIA; ;] ohh stop it! but good morning boo!

ROC: boo? …..i like that but i have a question!!

NIA: lmaoo yeah?

ROC: well since we have a date tonight but i wanna know if you wanna go get some ice cream?

NIA: of coarse…. what time you coming to get me?

ROC: ummhow about in a hour?

NIA: OR 30 mins? i really cant stand being away from your crazy *** for too long. :*<3

ROC:-smiles when he reads his text- aww. i was think the same thing but i didnt want you to think i was being pushy

NIA: NEVER that<3 but imma go get ready see you soon.

ROC: kay love<3


wow roc is really sweet i hope hes not like those famous people who belive they can get anybody in the bed but he seems like the sweet type and the type that is caring and soft and protective and PERFECT. i got up and went to take a 10 min shower. the other mins i was doing my hair and getting dressed. when i was done i went down stairs.and roc came about 20 mins early. so he was sitting in my living room when i walked down his moth dropped.