A Hundred Weddings by GotxAxSecret

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Author: GotxAxSecret

Parts: 51

Status: Completed

Genre: Teen fiction


Kim Adriana Roberts is a cheerful 18 year old girl who never runs out of mischievous thoughts and ideas. She's playful, sarcastic, childish and really annoying. She's also the heiress of one of the biggest companies in the country. You could say that her life is almost perfect.Meet Jeremy Lincoln, a strict and terror professor in Weatherford Private High school. He's handsome, rich and scorching hot; nevertheless, he's also conceited, arrogant and harsh. In other words, he's a jerk... a very hot jerk. But still a jerk.So what do you think will happen to their sexy, free and single lives if they live under one roof with matching wedding rings? A cliché story about a student-teacher relationship? Nope. More like a love story of revelations and surprises with a glint of craziness.Can they live together in peace? Or will fate play against them?

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