Thaddeus by thatlittlebrunette

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Author: thatlittlebrunette

Parts: 49 

Status: Completed

Genre: Werewolf


H e w a s r u t h l e s s

S h e w a s s a s s yH e w a s c r u e l S h e w a s s w e e tH e w a s f e a r ed S h e w a s l o v e d....................................." Darling raise your head" The husky voice said to me as I continued to look at my feet, in which at the moment they seemed to be very interesting. " Darling I don't have all day." The husky voice continued. I didn't even need to lift my head to know who it was. He yanked my head upward with his hand on my chin. Trying to make me look in his eyes.I kept mine shut. He grunted... I could feel the aura of power around him as I continued to disobey. " Darling I will not hesitate to kill you" He began speaking slow trying to steady his anger" Then why haven't you killed me yet?" I asked, and made the worst decision I've ever made... I opened my eyes. At that moment only one word was going through my head, Mate.*******Scarlett Smith is an average 19 year old were-wolf. She's sweet and affectionate and as everyone says would make the perfect Luna. Except She's a Beta. But when Thaddeus Reynolds's pack comes to kill and take the land Scarlett feels an odd sense of security. Until she realizes. He's her mate.

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