The Greek Playboy's Girl by cheryl-is-not-here

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Author: cheryl-is-not-here

Parts: 38

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance


"W-what are you doing?" I stammered as Damien leaned towards me."Kissing you." With that his lips crashed against mine. His lips were soft and moved against mine with such intensity. He nibbled on my lower lip, making me gasp and his tongue delved into my mouth. Sparks of desire raced across my skin.Never had I been kissed with such intensity before in my life. Not even with Jake.Immediately, a cold bucket of water splashed over in my mind. How could I forget Jake? I pushed Damien away, "You shouldn't have done that Damien. I have a boyfriend." Whose dead. Six years ago."Tell me you felt that." His blue eyes gazed into mine. He caged me against the wall."Felt what? I have no idea what you're talking about." I said coolly with a straight face. No way could I let Damien know how much he had affected me.A smirk crossed his handsome face, "You're lying agápē mou. I can see what you're feeling in your expressive blue eyes. Did you know that?"I was in so much trouble.

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