Bad For Me by cheryl-is-not-here

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Author: cheryl-is-not-here

Parts: 33

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance


Olivia Ford is the baby of the family. The Fords are the richest family in the world. All the guys she dated only wanted her for her money. Now being the age of twenty-three, Olivia has given up on love. Now working as an air stewardess, Olivia loves her job, until one particular flight...Drake Henderson has never met someone as intriguing as Olivia. She was the first woman to ever reject his advances. Doesn't she know that he's a famous racer? Every woman would kill just to share a kiss with him. However, Drake doesn't believe in love either, not after seeing his parents's failed marriage.But what will happen when two very stubborn people clash? Sparks will definitely fly. But could both Drake and Olivia let go of their fear of love?

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