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naruto's jelly p2

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Sasuke's POV

I was unlike Naruto to do something like that he was the more of the rule breaker but he never told on anyone before strange.

I finished dressing as I walked out of my room and looked at Sasukie who was leaning in the couch he didn't seem to happily as he looked over at me but I just shrugged and walked into the kitchen where naruto and menma were.

Naruto didn't see like his self as I walked closer menma left and went into the living room as I sat beside him and patted his back softly "hey what wrong" I asked looking up at him but he didn't respond but I noticed the slight twitching of his ears that were tied down "leave me alone teme" he says as he peeks threw his arms "not until you tell me dobe" I said looking at him I was being serious.

He looked at me before hiding his face in his arms again really. I sighed and walked away to give some alone time and well I yelled at menma and sasukie for breaking one of itachi's rules than left to put some shoes on.

Naruto's POV

"ok guys we gotta go" sasuke yelled as I got up slowly and went to put my shoes than I waited to menma and sasukie to get here but it took a while for them and that got on my nervers why were they taking so long soon sasuke banged on the wall and that kinda, scared me as I looked at him he looked mad and his eyes glow red "SASUKIE MENMA LETS GO" He yelled as I heard the sound of running as sasukie and menma quickly put there shoes on.

Sasuke's eyes turned normal as he sighed and looked at me before walking out the house it was around like 800pm so yup it was kinda dark and we were going some where but at least we were wearing something comfortable but it was casual though.

Soon once we made it to our destonation I saw that our who school was here what's going on here I don't know what's going on "sasuke what's going on" I asked looking at here "It's like a school festival actually it happens only once a year" sasuke says, as I nodded "SASUKE-KUN" someone yelled ugh that pink dich soon looking behind up as it was sakura and well once again im scared she hunts my  nightmares every time I sleep but soon she hugged my sasuke as I growled at her as sasuke and her looked at me confused.

I don't know but I was mad at her she was getting on my nerves so instead of being scared of her she ticked me off instead of terrifying me as she was hugging him still but I soon calmed down as I sighed while menma rubbed my back and I looked at my twin, he seemed worried about me as I looked down.

"Hey Naruto are you ok" someone asked as I looked up to see sasuke looking at me as he was pushing sakura away from him while she wined "aww but sasuke I wanna hug you" she cuued as I felt a little bit descusted as one of my  ears twitched in,annoyancy while it was still tied down under the ribben I still wanted to punch her though just instenlt become one punch man or freaking sans and destroy her with one move ugh she makes me mad less did I know was I was glaring at her  but calmed down as a hand was on my shoulder "come on dobe we need to talk" sasuke says, as he had successfully got sakura of of him than he grabbed my hand and dragged me away as we were now in a quiet place were we can talk alone no sakura and no brothers no anyone that can listen or interrupt our conversation with no trouble at all.

"ok what is it" I asked crossing my arms I was still mad for some reason don't know why though I guess because of the pinky who thinks she could touch my senpai.

"ok its about you Naruto whats going on your not acting like yourself at all" sasuke says as he looked at me while I looked away and crossed my arms "are you...jelly of sakura" he asked (I couldn't spell jeoulous so I said jelly).

I blushed and looking down "i don't know" I said not making eye contact with him I didn't feel right as sasuke just rubbed my head as he laughed softly as he mumbled something quietly "what was did you say sasuke" I asked as sasuke shook his head than we both left, the ally way but before we could I heard a faint sound off in the distance as I turned to looked over "who's there" me and sasuke asked at the same time while looking back.

But we didn't hear anything as we left the ally way once back at the party everyone was already in the building having a great time so we walked in while walking in im thanking sasuke for covering my ears as the music was so loud we looked around as menma and sasukie were looking for us.

"hey sasuke there you are we where looking for you" sasukie says but soon the lights were turned off as there was someone laughing causeing everyone to scream out of terror.

Me, Sasuke, Sasukie, and Menma  all stayed together and started to look around for anything suspicion but we were not successful with that at all since it was to dark in the building and well ya the sun had went down, like around 830 so with that I held sasuke's hand as we looked around some more while everyone was terrified of what was going on but some of the teachers seemed calm and on edge not letting there  guard down one but but soon the room had a smell to it.


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