Under the Influence by PureAwesomeness67

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Author: PureAwesomeness67

Parts: 19

Status: Completed

Genre: Teen fiction


Charlotte "Charlie" Crawford is practically the definition of a nerd. She gets extraordinary grades, works at her family's comic book store, and most importantly, she never gets into trouble—ever. Hunter Greene is supposedly the epitome of a bad-boy. He gets into fights, is on a first name basis with the school principal, and most importantly, he is infamous for breaking the rules. When Charlie is assigned to be Hunter's tutor, she doesn't think she will be able to handle him and his antics. But after the two warm up to each other, Charlie realizes that Hunter isn't at all who everyone else thinks he is. High school life is going to be one tumultuous roller coaster ride for Charlie and Hunter, but together they might be able to make it through what could be the ride of their lives—especially since they'll be under each other's influences.

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