Love Olympus (4)

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"Is she even breathing?" I heard a voice which sounded like June

"I-I think so?" Minroe stuttered.

"Stay back!" Clark shouted. "She's fine," he breathed. "She's perfectly fine.." He whispered.

I woke up gasping for air. I kept blinking rapidly trying to maintain vision. Coughing frantically I wiped the sweat on my forehead and slowly tried to catch my sketchy breathing.

"Here," Clark got off his bed and handed me a cup.

"No thanks."

"Take it," he grabbed my hand and made me drink. Closing my eyes I drank long and hard without stopping. Finishing off the water i licked the cup even and dropped it to the floor to weak to hold on.

"Thank you.." I whispered.

"Thank you," I said again this time opening my eyes. I blinked at Clark's crimson face and then stared over at Krystal who just snapped on her bra.

"Well isn't this awkward," she smiled. Yawning as fake as she could she walked over to the door in her mere underwear and left. Mystified at the fact Clark had the audacity to do this I clenched my teeth together.

"It's not what you think," he tried to make an excuse as I hurridely went inside my bed. I didn't want to even look at him.

"Next time you're in a tank full of water," I spoke coldly. "I'll just let you drown." I shut my eyes hard. My heart was pounding against my ears, the anger inside my gut tightening my throat. I waited for Clark to say something before I decided to sleep

"Whatever," he huffed. I listened to him quickly as well shuffle into his and as quickly as he did pretend to go to sleep. Rolling my eyes I did the same, hurt in a way I couldn't explain.



(-The next morning-)

"Ow!" Mr. Smirk cried. "What's that for?" He rubbed his head.

"You tell me Clark is my soul mate, yeah freaking right!" I screamed. "Why're you trying to mess with my head!"

"Well I'm no liar Venus," Mr. Smirk huffed. I hit him again.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" He yelled. "You can't keep hitting your cupid like this I might even report you."

"You got me into this and you're telling me you'e going to report me!" I screeched at the top of my lungs. Huffing and puffing I scratched my head and started pacing. A scared Mr. Smirked gulped.

"Um... Did something happen?"

"When I woke up..."

"When you woke up?" Mr. Smirk raised his eyebrows.

"I found a girl in his bed while I was knocked out..." I spoke through clenched teeth..

"Oh no...." Mr. Smirked gasped. "He didn't!"

I laughed at the attitude in Mr. Smirks laugh, but got angry he made me laugh. "This is serious," I snapped.

"How so?" Mr. Smirk frowned.

"Well if he's my soulmate, then obviously it means something."

"So you're jealous?" Mr. Smirk rubbed his chin.

"No," I laughed. "BWAH!" I huffed a chuckle. "You're stupid."

"I'm stupid?" Mr. Smirk raised his eyebrow.

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