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Pen Your Pride


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Walker kicked away a stone in his path, a bouqet of flowers in his hand. He had been completely healed, not even a scar remained of his wound. The Queen had been arrested and had finally confessed about the true story of Emily and Benjamin. Emily. When she had whispered to him in his dreams, telling him about the snake and how Cammie's life was tied to it he had felt relieved and full of confidence. Once he had figured out the magic he had been sure that if Cammie killed the snake, but bound the snakes magic to the sword, Cammie would be able to live nad her curse broken.

But she had chosen otherwise. Walker opened the black, metal gate, walking past rows of headstones until he came to a fresh white one and knelt in front of it.

Cambrea May Ward

A True Queen

He knew there was no body beneath the stone, when the snake had swallowed Emily it had disappeared leaving nothing behind excpet for the wreckage. But he had found two things as he dug in the rubble. He reached inot his pocket pulling out the necklace and ring. He dug a hole in the ground and placed the ring inside. He had been going to bury the necklace too but couldn't give it up. Not when the only physical evidence of her existance was inside. So he slipped it onto his neck, hiding it beneath his shirt. He pushed the dirt back into his shallow hole, covering up the ring made of her tears.

He then laid the  bouqet on the grave, alongside countless others left behing my her foster parents-Nancy and Stece, a loving couple whose tears broke his heart all over again; Jean, who had shed no tears at the funeral but stayed behind at the grave for hours; And the countless servants at the palace and of course the son's. It had been decided that Caleb, Nathan, and Ethan would be advisors to their father until he grew to old to govern, when Caleb would take over as King.

He knew he had to get back to the palace, to his father who had taken ill after the fight but He couldn't bring himself to stand.And so he layed by the headstone, staring at the sky and clutching the locket to him. He whispered to the winde, letting it carry his message to Cammie.

"I choose you, too."

I am in the process of rewriting and editing this book so it's longer and more detailed. After that I will be working on a sequal!

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