A Poem Written out of Anger

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You look at me like I'm not all sane

But you never did with your selfish brain

I no longer want your apologies

They all now mean nothing to me

And yeah I get angry easily

And you may say I overreact too quickly

But if I never hurt in the first place

Then my old feelings would never have come back into this race

I think I have the right to be mad

And the right to be sad

But you don't even care

I'm like something that is just inconveniently there

Something that you just cant get rid of

Call me emo, call me whatever

But your words are no longer like a deadly thunder

But every once in a while they make me hurt

So even to the innocent people I act curt

But if you were in my shoes

You might understand

But since you're not please dont pretend

Don't act nice or polite

Don't act like the thoughts in your mind aren't there

Because I am not blind like the others

I see right through your barrier

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