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we awkwardly sat down as the guys kept staring at kassie, the bizarre exhibit. kassie gave me a "i'm so glad you're back" look as she smiled gratefully. she darted back to her phone, scrolling through twitter like usual. "soooo, guys." i said, grabbing the boys attention. i could see the imaginary sweat from kassie's forehead wipe away.

"what about we put on some music?" i suggest then moved towards the aux cord that was secured behind the boys. hunter whispered in my ear. "you made up with her?" i plugged my phone in, focusing on something good to play.

"well, she came to my house, apologized, and we came here." my playlist was filled with so much music that i didn't even have space for apps. i went to my go-to 'get out of awkward situation' playlist which included all the latest music. panda blasted through the speakers and they jumped around but hunter still glued to me, wanting to know more. "she did?!" he exclaimed.


"oh my gosh! but you shouldn't of brought her here."

"i know, it was a big mistake." i glanced over to her and saw aaron and weston most likely interrogating her. everyone seem fine now. i guess my lucky playlist did come in handy. i mean, i get why everyone is so worried but kassie simply just wants to fix it but man, i don't think she can. my fingernails found the back of my neck, scratching nervously without any intention.

"by the way, taylor wants to talk to you." hunter says then goes away to grab a coke. not taylor. i don't want to say it's awkward between us but it's awkward between us. kassie and i just made up and she still doesn't know taylor likes me which would probably kill her and then she'll come back to life to kill me! but then again, this was the girl who deliberately made me her sidekick and used taylor for high school royalty so wih that being said...she wouldn't care maybe. i have no interest in taylor what so ever but knowing he has a crush on me, makes me rethink everything.

what are you saying maya?

taylor was your normal jerk/class clown so i was use to his rude manner and bad attitude, but he treated kassie like she was everything to him and she used him like a dog. kassie dogged the ultimate dog. as much as i hate taylor, he really didn't deserve to be let down like that and get dumped like that. well, she got dumped not him but still. kassie did him dirty so what he wants is revenge so why not go for the ex's sidekick. it made sense but i don't want any partake into this.

he likes me out of pure spite.

"hey taylor." i say then sipped a bottle of water that i grabbed. he turned around and smiled. his large arms wrapped around me as he lifted me off the ground. 


once my feet were planted, i restrained myself from making a "are you insane?" facial expression. that cheeky smiled still covering his face. "you wanted to talk?" i questioned, hiding the fact how much i wanted this conversation to end as quickly as possible.

"yeah, yeah!" his strong hand settled on my back as he pushed me to the side. i folded my arms while leaning on a the mini fridge. "i wanted to ask you something." he said. a little tint in his eyes made him seem eager and slightly nervous. he brushed his hand across his face, trying to hide the red that was creeping in his cheeks.

"okay.." i gestured him to go on.

"i want you to be my date to the football game."

that was more of a desire than a question. and...

what the donkey fart is this?!

my mouth dropped. taylor, kassie's ex just asked me to a football game. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. i took a double-take. "say that again." i crossed my toes, hoping and praying that what he said wasn't what i think he did.

"would you like to be my date to the football game this friday?"

there's the question! and...


"tay..." my phone ringed. saved by the ring!

my hero, my saver, my mom.

"hey, mom." i grinned. i couldn't be happier.

"okay, okay, i'll be there in 20 minutes." how can i even thank my mom right now?

"i got to go. see you at school tomorrow?" why did i ask that in a question? well, it was taylor. he simply nodded and i scooted away from the awkward situation. i went to hug the guys and when i got to hayes, he gave me the poutiest look i ever seen. it was adorable. i returned the same expression as i shuffled towards him with my arms out.

our bodies finaly found each other as we held one another tightly. hayes smelled so good, his body was so warm and perfect to cuddle with. he cradled his head on my shoulder as his hair swooped to one side. i might have not been enjoying this as much as  i should have. he rocked us back and forth while saying "i don't want you to go."



my flipping heart!

we pulled away. "me either." i could feel a hard, cold pair of eyes on me. i looked behind me and taylor was watching with an envious look. i ruffled hayes's hair like you would do to a little brother. i waved goodbye and made my way to kassie. she seemed less tense then before. i noticed that nash was talking to her and cracking jokes. i tapped her shoulder in a sneak and mouthed that i was leaving and she gave me an "ok".

i made it to my silver civic and immediately my mind flooded.

taylor is actually in to me.

hayes is too.

but i'm falling for


awful, awful chapter. who do you love ? okayyyy, i'm going to do better, i promise.

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