A Whisper in the World

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This is a collection of poems. It's kinda funny how a lot of my poems involve the parts of people beyond the surface emotions and thought swirl, so I decided to make a collection of these things that suddenly spring into my heart!


I am alone

Surrounded by the torrents of the world I stumble

There is no respite

I am entangled by the fluctuations around me

I wonder at myself

At this representation of myself that I see in the mirror

Is reality not strange

But then again, am I truly anything, or is this all illusion

What I am is vapor

A whisper in the wind, I fade into the background

I am nothing really

There is nothing that truly defines me as a person

Can I live my life?

The pretence that I do not see the futility of actions

It is killing me

The idea that took hold and crushed whatever person I ever was

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