2016 Author's Update

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Hey guys!

I'm so excited to share with you that Fat Camps and Makeovers will be moving to the app Tapas! At Tapas, you can unlock a bigger, bolder, better and edited version of FCAMO throughout bitesize chapters. Tapas can be found in both your App Store and Playstore, and it's free for download! :) 

Yes – this means that I'll be taking down FCAMO from Wattpad – at least most of it. I'll be leaving the first few chapters here for you to have a taste of FCAMO! If you like it, you can head over to Tapas (link will be up in bio soon!) for more!

Thank you for all your support these past few years! You helped to put confidence in my writing – otherwise it would have just grown moldy in my countless exercise books, never to have seen the light of your iPhone screen. I'll continue writing in my free time of course, so do check out my other books for updates (however slow they might be).

Thanks so much for your love, and see you at Tapas!



P.S: If you're unsure of anything, just drop me a message in my inbox! I'll answer them as soon as I can :)


P.S.S: Update! Fat Camps and Makeovers has officially been launched in the Tapas App! I've added the link to External Links here in the side panel, but if you are unable to view it for any reason (weird mobile formatting etc), here is the link! https://tapastic.com/series/fatcampsandmakeovers

Simply download the app Tapas, and hit the search button for Fat Camps and Makeovers. You'll be able to unlock 'episodes' or chapters via keys, which I'm sure you'll find ways to! Meanwhile, enjoy FCAMO there, and do PM/comment below for any questions! Thanks and see you there!


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