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Four years later
"Lauren someone is calling you." My assistant told me. I was in my dressing room all sweaty because I just finished a concert for thousands of my fans.

"Thanks Mani." I said taking the phone from her hand. Mani walked out taking a few snacks from my dressing room before leaving.

"Hello." I said waiting for the person to respond.

"Lauren hey it's Chris remember your brother." He said. I smiled I love hearing from my family.

"Chris um it doesn't ring a bell sorry." I joked hearing him laugh. "What's up Chris?" I asked relaxing on the comfy couch.

"Well dads birthday is tomorrow and I know you're in town so I just thought if you're not busy you can come by and surprise him." Chris said. I'm always busy on tours and interviews that I don't get to see my family that often so when I get a chance to I'll take it.

"That sounds like a great idea. I'll ask Normani if I'm busy tomorrow. I doubt it but if I am then I'll just cancel." I told him.

"Okay great so I'll see you tomorrow then."

"I guess you will. Bye Chris." I said hanging up.

I got up and went to the restroom and dried myself from all the sweat.

I'm following my dream. I've always wanted to become a singer and now that I am it's incredible. I started off in LA singing at bars making a few dollars. Then I started off on YouTube singing covers to songs. I got a few hundreds fans just by YouTube and then someone contacted me and asked if I would want a record deal.

And of fucking course I said yes.

Last year that's when I really got popular. Lots of big time magazines wanted to interview me and radio stations. I did some interviews and make my first single. Got even more fans, made a album and it went platinum in a few countries.

I won lots of awards and I'm just living the life. I have celebrities friends who are amazing.

Normani knocked on my door before coming in. "So who was that?" Normani asked taking a seat next to me.

Normani and I met when I got into the music industry. She worked for Pit Bull until my manager got her for me.

We've always acted like friends more than workers. I don't really see her as my assistant, just a friend that does things for me.

"My brother, my dads birthday is tomorrow and he wants me to go and surprise him." I told her. Normani knows about my family and my family loves Normani they never met her but when I talk on the phone or FaceTime with my family Normani's right by my side talking to my family like as if they were her family.

"Well you're not doing anything tomorrow." Mani informed me. "And I'm not doing anything too." She continued giving me a wink. I laughed.

"Would you like to come with me?" I asked seeing her check her empty calendar on her phone. "It looks like I have nothing, lucky you." Normani said making me laugh.

"I can't wait to meet your family." Normani said making it sound like we're dating.

"You kind of already did on FaceTime." I said making Normani roll her eyes.

"Don't ruin my moment dude." Normani said getting up. "As your assistant I need to make sure you go to sleep early so I can see my family so get your Cuban ass to bed." Normani told me. I rolled my eyes before getting up.

"Yeah whatever." I said walking to my tour bus. The people who put my make up on, the person that makes my outfits, I don't have anyone to fix my hair cause when I'm up on stage I have it down all wavy.

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