Chapter 5

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//your pov//
-summer has been great, specially when we went to the beach! Sadly we were already heading back to Paris.  I offered to to drive, but Alya was already in the drivers seat, and I'm guessing Nino is in the passenger seat and Marinette is in the middle, you know like a mini van with 8 seats? Yeah I have one of those.  Lastly Adrien and I sat in the last 3 seats.
"I love you" he said leaning his head on mine,

"I love you too kitty" I said, he chuckled at the nickname,  soon I fell asleep in my lovers arms.

-time skip to Paris-

-I started to wake up, I heard a flashing noice and someone say 'crap'

"A-Adrien? Are you taking pictures of me?" I asked him, he quickly his his phone and said
"O-Oh...uhhhhh...No! I was...I was...listening to the flashing sound of my last photo shoot!" He said slightly sweating, I snatched his phone away and looked at his was me sleeping! I looked at him, my face had the 'what-the-fluff' look,

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...its just that you look so cute when you are asleep!" He said,

"Well, I can't blame be honest, I have pictures of you when you are asleep" I said blushing, he blushed too...

Awkward silence

We bursted out laughing, Nino, Alya and Marinette looked at us with a confused!

"We are here!" Alya said

As we got down from the car, there was a HUGE explosion near the museum.  It was a villain! Really?! It's summer! Couldn't Hawkmoth wait till fall? Ugh!

-she looked like a miraculous holder, In fact she looked like the vixen miraculous holder... Volpina... I remember seeing her in the book Adrien found behind his mothers painting. 

"Let's go (y/n)" said Adrien while grabbing my hand and running inside a family bathroom.

"Tessa, let's get roaring!" I said

"Plagg, claws out!" Adrien said, we both transformed and ran to the Eiffel Tower, ladybug was already there, we saw 'Volpina' holding Adrien, about to drop him to his death,

"What the fluff?" I said

"Let him go! I though you loved him!" Ladybug said,

"Give me your miraculous or Adrien will fall to his death!" Volpina said, her power was to make illusions,

"Ladybug! He is not real! That's an illusion!" I shouted as I jumped and tapped the fake Adrien, orange smoke came out of it.

"The akuma is in her necklace!" Chat shouted to both of us,  I jumped again and ripped the necklace off volpinas neck, I threw it at ladybug but I miss landed and twisted my ankle. I fell to the floor in pain

"TIGRESS!!!!" Chat shouted as he ran to me, he hugged me,

"Are you okay love?" He said,

"I-It hurts so much" I said gripping my ankle harder.

"It's going to be okay, just hang on!" He said to me as he ran to ladybug he told her what happened and that he would bring me to the hospital. 

//Adrien's pov//
-we both de-transformed and I saw that her ankle was swollen and purple, it looked horrible! She was sobbing and gripping her arm, I heard it helps reduse the pain, but I'm 99.9% sure it's not true. We arrived to the hospital and I went to the ER.

"Please she hurt her ankle and she is in extreme pain" I said, the nurse took her to a doctor, the doctor took X-Rays of (y/n)s ankle, after a couple of minutes he came and said that she fractured her ankle. They said that (y/n) needed a cast or a brace to keep the bone in place and help it heal properly. It was really nerve wracking, I'm so worried, anything could go wrong! I just hope (y/n) Is okay.

The doctor walked in and said,

"Miss. (L/n) just has a fracture, nothing too serious, she will need to lay off sport and anything involving 'parkour'. We will give her a cast, she will used crutches for 3 weeks and get her cast off in a month. After that she will use a brace for another month, and go to physical therapy for 6 weeks" I nodded.

-time skip after the procedure -

-the doctor came out and said that the procedure was successful and that (y/n) was waiting for me in the doctors room, I immediately walked there and saw her wide awake, she had a (f/c) cast.

"I was so worried" I said

"It was a little scary" she said

"The doctor said you can check out today" the nurse said, (y/n) changed and we stated walking to her house.

//your pov//
-as we walked to my house I saw an orange tree, then I got an idea,

"Hey kitty?" I said

"Yeah?" He asked

"Orange you glad I'm okay?" I said trying not to laugh, he looked at the orange tree and started laughing,

"I've taught you well grasshopper" he said as I laughed. I love him so much.

PEACE OUT!!!!!✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

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