Playing Basketball Outside

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Subliminally_Twisted and KoRnChildren both get the shout out because both of them said that my reference was from the Who Then Now movie! Congratulations, guys!

Now, onto the chapter! ;)

The guys: *playing basketball*

David: *has ball* *sees Ray* *Throws ball at Ray's face*

Ray: *is hit by basketball* Waaaaaah! D':

David: Heh heh!

Ray: Teacher! David hit me in the face with a basketball!

Jonathan: How old are you? Five?

Teacher: Is that true, David?

David: *In a sweet, angelic voice* Noooooooo.....

Teacher: Okay. Ray, you get detention for telling lies!

Ray: :'(

Head: That's too funny.

So, yeah, this chapter wasn't very good. Lol.

Have a good day, everyone. And, you guessed it, peace out!

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