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Date: 1/17/12

Time: 10:37 p.m.

Entry #: 1

Dear dairy,  

Dear me in the future?

Dear to whoever reads this??

I don’t know how to start this. Honestly, I don’t know what drove me to buy this, but I did. When I thought of buying something to help me remember what was going on in life before I awake one day not knowing what year it is, I wasn't talking about a journal. Is this a journal? It’s just some flimsy notebook that I picked up from the corner store across the street for $3.98. I personally think that price was a ripoff because the notebook isn’t even in great condition. The cover is nearly falling off the spiral cord thingy and it was already writing on the inside of it. I should have at the very most payed a dollar for this, hell maybe even a $1.50 but 4 dollars was pushing it.

By now I think you are wondering why would I even buy a notebook like this if its beat up and so high? The truth is I can’t even tell you. I can’t remember, the last thing I remember is dashing off to buy it, I don’t remember walking in or finding the notebook or even buying it. When I woke up this morning, this notebook was sitting on my side table with a post it note on top with the words; ‘When I came to get you. You had this in your hands so I bought it for you.’ In my best friends light neat handwriting.(so techs he bought it but whatevs) It was dated six days ago from today. I slept for six days. Six days.

Narcolepsy; a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and frequent daytime sleep attacks. I had it since I was young, a present a got on my fourth birthday from my alcoholic mother. When it first began it came once every few weeks and I would sleep for small mounts. Fifteen-Twenty minutes, but as time progressed I started having them frequently and I would sleep for long periods of time. Usually forgetting things that happened right before passing out.

I’m a rare case, no one has ever lost their memory like I have from Narcolepsy. The doctors don’t know why I do or what triggers the memory loss, it just happens. I'm special. So special. So fucking special that people fear me. People think I'm contagious and stay away from me. I basically have the label 'freak' posted on top of my head. It's rare to find people who haven't heard of me and my special form of Narcolepsy. Like today I went out for a simple cup of coffee because I was feeling pretty tired and just feeling like sleeping a few weeks away.

For some reason I felt like going to a different town so I got on the light rail and let it take me to the very last stop. I walked around until I found a coffee shop. It looked very cozy and inviting from the window, so I went in. And lucky me, I found someone who didn’t know who I was! It was fucking great. I nearly blew it though but yeah. I even have a date with said person tomorrow, This is basically how our conversation went.

"Can I get one Ice coffee and a banana nut muffin please?" I politely asked the dark headed teen behind the counter as he worked on the previous customers order.

"Sure," he said, pouring coffee into four black coffee cups. "Just give me a moment."

I watched silently as he put sugar into the coffee and added whip cream to it. Bobbing his head along to the beat of the music playing around the store. His black locks trying it's hardest to break free of the hat holding it captive. He neatly placed the cups onto the tray before setting the order onto the counter.

 "Order up!" he shouted out, ringing the small bronze bell on the counter before sliding over to me.  "Now....what can I get you gorgeous?" he said with a wink. 

"A better pick up line?" I said smiling sweetly, while batting my eyelids playfully. Before repeating my order. 

"That could be arranged." he said teasingly as he wrote down my order.

"Oh really?" I asked, replying to his playful banter.  It was nice to joke about with someone new instead of having to deal with the whispers and glares. Or even worse sympathetic stares.

"Yes," he said leaning forward onto the counter while placing the pencil he wrote with behind his ear. "Just give me the time and place and I'll have a even better one by tonight."

I couldn't help but laugh at his failed attempted of trying to be seductive.  "Nice try, Casanova." Little too soon to be trying to seduce me boy.

"I'll make it a great try if you'll give me the numbers I'll need to call you later." he gave me another wink before turning around to make my coffee.

"Now that, was just full blown bad." I say, pulling my wallet out of my satchel.  I pulled out three twenties as I waited, this guy definitely  deserved a tip for making me laugh this much.  Daniel didn't even make me laugh this much when I first met him.

"Do you not know who I am?" I asked the moment  he turned back around to give me my order. staring into his ocean colored eyes. Genuinely curious, it was absolutely rare to find someone who didn't know me(as I stated before)

"Should I...?" he asked trying and flailing to give me a seductive smirk. You could practically feel the confidence oozing from this guy. He wasn't even all that handsome and from the looks of it, all the legal either. I'd say he's at least nineteen. A good five years off my age.

"What's your name?" I blurted out. Trying to back track, I didn't want him to know him I am. Not now. Not when I found someone besides the old people in my neighborhood and Daniel, who treat me like a normal person.

"Franklyn, with a Y."  he immediately says. Still trying to give me his seductive look.

"Well...Franklyn with a Y." I say, trying my best to keep from laughing in the poor boys face. "How about we hangout sometime?"

"Sure!" he nearly shouted, causing half of the patron's in the cozy little coffee shop. "I mean...yeah sure. What time?"

So cute! I gushed inwardly. This boy reminded me so much of a little puppy, desperately trying to get you attention.  

"Tomorrow night, maybe?" I say biting the inside of my cheek. "If you aren't busy-"

"No! I'm not! Just text me, the time and place." he said eagerly cutting me off in the process, before scribbling down his number down a piece of napkin. "Just text me! Anytime."

"Okay," I say looking over the paper. Gushing inwardly at his shaky handwriting. I definitely must be the first person he's ever asked out and scored with. How cute! "See you around, Franklyn with a Y."

"Wait!" he cried out. "You never gave me your name!"

"I'll tell you tomorrow night over dinner." I say winking at him as I pushed open the door.  I couldn't contain my giggles when he blushed beet red.  

So cute!  

And that Mr. Dairy thingy?(still don't know) is the contents of my day(for the most part). Now I must go get ready for bed before Daniel comes in here and gets mad at me for not taking my bath again. Or worse, see me writing in here. He'll have a field day because he always told me to get one.  I dunno, he's a buttmunch. But my lovely buttmunch. 

- Samuel Pickett

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