Romance And Tofu Flash Fiction

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I looked at Kevin and regretted how much of an effect he had on me. It had gotten me into this crazy situation. Why had I lied and said I was a vegetarian just because he was one? I took a bite of the tofu and tried my best not to freak out.

I couldn’t wait to get to my favorite Thai place. I was really looking forward to their tofu pad thai. I was totally craving it. That’s why I didn’t notice when I ran smack into the really cute guy walking past me. Oops.

Tofu was the topic of our lunch conversation and neither of us were vegetarians. Sometimes my friend Tristan really drove me insane. It’s like he enjoyed riling me up and getting me on edge. He even had on that devilish look that he got when he was having a great time tormenting me. Was it me or did he suddenly look kind of cute?

Day one of being vegetarian was going swimmingly. I was totally great with tofu, I loved vegetables, and life was a happy, healthier place. That is until my boss announced that we were going to work through lunch and they brought in a selection of gorgeous meats. I frowned and that’s when the cute guy in the cubicle next to me said, “Didn’t they get anything vegetarian?” Bonding moment.

It was the sensation of tofu in my mouth that freaked me out. The weird squishy-ness of it, like it was a cheese or something, but not. I tried to chew it politely. I was at my best friend’s vegetarian dinner and it was only polite. I would have bailed entirely, but her super hot guy friend was there and she promised to sit him next to me. Tofu, it is! 

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