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Pen Your Pride

Zayn made the cars tires squeal when he braked in the emergency drop-off zone on the side of the hospital. Not even bothering to put it in park, he scrambled from the drivers side and ran to the opposite side, grabbing the handle to the door and yanking it open. A moan of pain reached his ears when he leaned inside, helping Jaime into his arms. One arm under her knees and the other supporting her back, she barely had gotten her arm around his neck when he turned around and flew through the glass doors, leaving his friends to fend for themselves and the car that had begun rolling.

Liam heard his friends shouts for help when he took his spot up front, quickly speeding around the parking complex until he was able to get one just near the front. "David, grab the bag I had!", he instructed, dragging the silver key from the ignition when he got out. His boyfriend was struggling out of the other side. After almost falling, he managed to meet Liam at the very back where it opened.

One button on the keys automatically opened it. Slowly rising, Louis ducked under it to see a blonde head resting in Harry's lap. "Just leave me here." Niall's words drifted up to him when he was able to straighten his body. "Go with them. With Jaime.."

"Nonsense", Louis interrupted the words that Harry hadn't even gotten out of his mouth. "Jaime is in good hands with Zayn and the doctors. We need to get you inside so we can have you checked out." He glanced sideways as the short, blurred figure of Liam came into his peripheral vision.

"No." Being stubborn, Niall shook his head, causing himself to wince. The peircing ache in his back had started easing off, but when the car had lurched forwards due to the force of it braking, it had started back up. "Today is her day. Yours and Zayn's, too. None of you need to worry about me, i'm fine. Just go insi-...."

"When you make the sound you made at the house, I could tell your not fine. Now whether you like it or not, you are going into that hospital. You are going let them have a look at you. And I don't give two fucks if you get pissed at me." Harry's words were blunt. Had it not been for the worry it was laden with, anyone would have thought it was him being an asshole.

Defeaten, Niall went quiet and allowed his head to be lifted and laid again on the grey fabric of the floorboard. He didn't make a sound when a pair of strong arms slid under him, lifting him clear of the car. The only noise that came was a sigh when he felt Harry's hard chest against his cheek. I oughta know by now I can't argue with Harry and win... He's only trying to help... "I'm sorry, Harry..", he mumbled into the soft shirt he was wearing, closing his eyes at the familiar cologne.

David smiled when he saw Harry push a hard kiss to a pale forehead, moving Niall's face gently as he did so. And I always thought they were just fuck buddies.... Tearing his gaze from them, his eyes found his own boyfriend. Liam was walking over, the car keys in his hand and a jacket in the other while a increasingly disheveled Louis power walked behind him.

"C'mon, c'mon", he said impatiently, leaving a rush of air behind him as he passed David. "I'd like to see the birth of my child!" Louis annoyed voice sounded over his shoulder towards the others, who were following behind. "Let him go to Zayn", Liam was saying, walking shoulder-to-shoulder with David," We can get Niall looked at real quick and then we can all go to the nursery floor together."

"No, you guys go to Zayn", Harry came up beside them, hefting his fiancé up in his arms. "They need support and knowing Zayn, he'll probably faint. I've got Ni covered, okay?" Shifting his gaze down, his worried green eyes rested on Niall's pale face, immediately seeing the pained look that was patched everywhere. Oh Nialler what's wrong.. He couldn't even be worried about the little ball of baby inside of him, not with the look on his face.

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