I want to give up so badly

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Stiles's POV: 

"Aaaarrrghh!!!!!!" he screams as I push  the sword further into the wall so he can't move from his place. I notice a little button on the side of the hilt and I press it. And the sword turns into the belt again, but it's still inside him so he can't move from the wall or pull it out because it can hurt him...badly. 

I punch him in the face and yell at him: "Give me that syringe and leave my friends and family alone!" 

He spits out blood and looks at me.

"What friends? What family? Look around Stiles! There's no one here. If they were your friends, they'd be here, and they'd notice that something is wrong. But they didn't."

I punch him again. 

"You can bit the shit out of me how long you want, but it's not gonna change the fact that they left."

I give him an angry look

Just let go Stiles. You know you're not one of the good guys. So let go. You know what you have to do with that sword.

I look at the sword and then back at Theo. He's breathing heavily. He looks like he's holding back a scream.

With gritted teeth I ask: "Where is that syringe?" 

He points his head behind me and says: "You fulfilled your part of the deal so I'm going to fulfill mine."

I turn around and see the syringe in the corner of the room.

You know where it is. Now get it done!

It was more like an order than a question.

I turn back to him, grab the hilt and turn the belt back into the sword. I pull it out.

He falls to his  knees and while he's healing I'm psychologically getting ready for what I'm about to do.

He stands up when he's completely healed. He looks at me and probably knows what's coming. But then something changes in his expression. He turns his head to the side and smiles. I don't have a supernatural hearing so I don't know what he heard and I don't care.

I lift the sword so the blade is pointing at his heart. I take a deep breath.

He's not moving at all. He's just standing there and waiting for something to happen. I don't get it. I'm like a meter away from him so I take two little steps forward and I'm about to stab him in the heart with it when someone steps in and pushes Theo out of the way. The sword runs right through the other person's stomach. 

Theo lifts himself from the floor. I guess he fell when the other person pushed him away. The sword is in the wall once again. I look up shocked at how someone could do that.


Scott's POV:

I heard everything. I don't understand any of that. He's not a fox. I have to talk to him about that too.

I heard punches and a steel hitting something. I'm assuming that he's in trouble. I guess I have to save him now.

But when I go there, Theo will know I'm alive. He'll want to kill me......................again. But Stiles needs my help. I need to save him.

Ok, lets go, I thought. I'm going closer to the house with my stomach still hurting. When I step in I see an empty house. I can't use my werewolf abilities anymore. It hurts too much. 

I go into the kitchen and there I see no one. I hear voices coming from the next door. Which is a living room. I look to my right where the door is and I'm slowly and quietly going towards the door. 

I listen again and there are no sounds, no voices, no laughing (from Theo) anymore. I open the door and see Stiles pointing Kira's sword at Theo's heart. It reminds me of the night at the animal clinic when Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune. It looks exactly like it, but now instead of me there's Theo with a sword pointed at him.

I see blood on his shirt so I'm assuming Stiles already stabbed him.

Stiles doesn't seem to notice me because he continues with  pointing the sword at Theo. 

I can't see his face so I can't tell if he's doing it or if...............someone else is. I mean Stiles seemed off these past few weeks.

I can see Stiles getting ready to stab him. I can't let that happen. I run as fast as I can towards them and push Theo away. I thought when Stiles sees me, he'll stop.

I guess was wrong. The blade runs right through the wound from Theo. Stiles looks shocked. He realizes what he did and he's trying to pull the sword out but Theo punches the back of his head with his fist. Stiles falls to the floor. He's groaning on the floor while he's holding his head. Theo steps closer and grabs  Stiles by his hair and pulls him  off the floor.  He screams in pain. 

"Well, that was poetic." Theo says. "Now Stiles, I see you're not going to help me willingly so I have to make you. Try to relax. This is going to hurt......a lot." 

Right after that he  plunges his claws into the back of Stiles's neck. 

Stiles screams in pain once again. Then they both close their eyes and go still. 

I'm paralyzed. I don't even feel the pain anymore. I know that's a bad sign. I have to call someone.

But who?

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