Naruto's jelly

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Naruto's POV

I woke up in the morning and stretched out as I see sasuke he seemed busy as he was working on something so i got   out of bed and went over to him.

Looking over his shoulder he was writing something I didn't know what it was so I tapped his shoulder as he stopped and looked behind him to look at me "hi morning sasuke what'cha doing" I asked curiously "good after noon and nothing much actually I'm writing a letter to itachi on how we've been holding up" sasuke says as he put his pincal down and turned to look at me "something you need" he asks leaning on his elbow while his head laid on his hand.

"Nothing I was wondering what you were doing is all" I said smiling at him as happily walked away "well get dressed we gotta go later on" he says as I tilted my head and looked down as I blushed and hurried to get dressed to were ever "put on something casual" sasuke says or yelled since I was in the room that was made for me and menma personally but meee.

Grabbing clothes I ran back to sasuke room to use his bathroom as I closed the door behind me and I was to surprised I wasn't cause by sasukie nor menma having sasuke see me is embarrassing enough.

Starting up the shower I hopped in after waiting a little before getting in I like warm showers so yup.

Washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner it's strawberry flavored of course hehe bit anyway finishing my shower I wrapped a towel around my waist as I walked over to the sink my 9 tails swaying lowly as they were dripping wet just like my hair and ears are as I dried my hands before grabbing the hair drier as I started to dry my hair, but soon the door opened I could of sworn I locked it dang it.

Looking over I see sasuke as he walked past me like nothing was wrong as I blushed and looked down before looking up at him "um sasuke can you help me" I asked as he looked at me and crossed hid arms as if he was thinking "tell me why should I give me a reason" sasuke says UGH TEME sighing "I'm not food at blow drying my own hair please" I said as I blushed a deep red looking down, as he smiled at me taking the blow drier and turned it on as he blew dried my hair as I loved the warm breeze "turn" he says as I was confused and turned around as my damped tails were dragged on the ground as he kneeled down and picked one of them up as I felt something that I never felt before in my life as I blushed even more as I slightly shivered, while sasuke didn't notice as he blow dried my tails.

Soon he got to the 9th one as he touched it and that's when I snapped and could hold back anymore as a sound excaped from my lips and everything went quiet except for the sound of the hair drier "naruto what was that" sasuke asks as he looked at me and I didn't even brother looking behind me cause I knew I was a blushing mess and turned into my fox  form and shook off though one tail was still soaked I couldn't even make eye contact with him I was blushing so hard from it "naruto" sasuke says as he picks me up and looked into my eyes as I tried to look away but I couldn't stop staring into his, dark eyes as I was or felt like I was being hipnotized by them as we stared into each other's eyes but I was broken free when sasuke touched my tail again as I squeaked out and turned back human as I was now in his arms and he looked at me.

"Your gonna have to explain this to me" sasuke says as he looked at me whole I lowered my ears but finally allowed him to continue to blow dry my tails as I soon ran for it got dressed hid my tails and since I b wouldn't be able to use a hat I just lowered my ears that was until sasuke came out of freaking now where and wrapped a ribbon around my head before letting me go.

Then he turned me around and stepped back as he muttered something "what did you say" I asked as he just shook his head before pushing me out and told me to be in the living room were i found menma and sasukie but it was something I didn't expect but I know it was gonna happen sooner of latter.

But still why are they doing it here I picked up a pillow and threw it at them as but how in the world is that not affective do they want me to get a pillow film of bricks and threw it a them then will that be affective you jerks "sasuke's there braking a rule" I yelled out as the quickly pulled away from each other as sasuke, walked down the hallway as he picked behind the corner "what's going on naruto" he asked.

I just pointed at while walking away onto the kitchen as I sat down and laid my head on the table what's wrong with me.

Ugh I don't know what's wrong with me at all just......I don't know "hi naruto" someone says asbi turned around to meet face to face with my twin menma "what is it" I asked curiously "why are you getting people in trouble when your the trouble maker hmm" he asked and well I don't now. Turning around and hit my head against the table I think I startled him as he placed a hand on my back "naruto you can tell me anything" he says sofly smiling.


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