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Taeyeon's POV

"Here are your drinks."I said as I put the tray down onto the table."It's 10,500₩."I said as I glanced at the two middle aged men.They smirked smugly at me and one of them reached into their pockets to get out his wallet.I felt disgusted at his face,especially his eyes which were filled with lust.I took a step back just in case.

"Here."he said as he handed me the money."And tips for you if you can see me after work."he added and smirked at me.I faked a smile and thanked him quickly before walking away.

I hate to work in a bar,which is illegal for my age,but I had no choice.My stepdad doesn't really work a lot,but even if he does,he will not give me a single penny to spend.My mum works as a nurse at a nearby hospital,but she had to pay for everything,so it isn't enough to pay for other things.So,I had to work at a bar part time in order to survive,the pay is higher there.

After work,I grabbed my bag and changed back into my clothes in the restroom.After glancing at my reflection through the mirror,I walked out of the bar and walked back home,which is just a few blocks away.

I walked towards the door as my hand dogged into my bag to find the house keys.The door suddenly swung open,revealing my drunk step dad in front of me.I scrunched up my nose at the heavy smell of alcohol." much did he drink?"I thought as I stared up at him.

"Why are you late?"he asked,his voice sounded gruff.

"I stayed back to finish my homework."I lied.It's not because he doesn't know that I have a part time job at a bar,it's because I don't want him to find unreasonable excuses to beat me up for going to a bar.

He scoffed and turned his back on me and lied heavily with a thud on the couch.I walked past the living room quickly and marched upstairs to my room.I shut the door as gently as I could and threw my bag onto the floor.I heaved a sigh and lied on the bed.I stared at the door in front of me,especially the knob."Shit,I forgot to lock it again."I muttered as I tried to get up from bed,but I was too lazy to do so.I stretched my arms in attempt to push myself up from the bed.When my body finally left my bed,I walked lazily to the door and locked the door.The reason why I lock the door is because I don't want that drunkard to barge in suddenly into my room and abuse me.My room is the safest place to me,well,away from my stepdad.

I turned back and stared at the window which was half opened.I felt a breeze blowing into my room,so I walked towards the window.I was about to shut the window down until something caught my eyes.I looked at the house beside mine." seems like my new neighbors have finally arrived."I said to myself.

I stared at the people who were carrying their boxes and furniture into the house."Ooh,isn't this lovely!"the woman chirped cheerfully.A man then shouted from behind her,who I suspect is her husband,"Honey,where are my collections?"

I smiled as I stared at the couple who are having a normal conversation.My eyes were filled with envy as I stared at the couple."If only I have parents like that."I thought.My dad passed away when I was thirteen years old.A year after his death,my mum remarried my stepdad,which is the most unfortunate thing that had ever happened to me.

The car door suddenly opened,revealing a boy who is oddly familiar to me.I squinted my eyes at the boy and recognized him immediately as one of the students from my school.He's popular for getting into trouble though,with his friends who are also troublemakers.He's rumored to be a part of a gang outside of school,since he's good at fighting,and I mean beating people up.I dislike him because of his violent behavior,it always make me close my eyes and cover my ears when I witness him beating someone in front of the school.My eyes just can't stand violence.Maybe it's because of the trauma I have with my stepdad who is always abusing me.

He suddenly look up and our eyes met each other's.I quickly moved away from the window and huffed a breath."Wait...Byun Baekhyun is my new neighbour?"


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