Chapter 3 Gender Bend and Dark Magic

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You and your big brother Lukas and his companions Arthur and Vladamir(or Vlad for short) was the only people home today. Mathias was with his friends Alfred and Gilbert. Tino , Berwald and Emil was out shopping. You was now 7 years old and loving life. Lukas came in your room and asked "could you come downstairs for a bit?" You looked at him happily "sure thing Lukas""big brother" you laughed a little "big brother" he smile a little that you couldn't see. He led you down to the creepy basement where Lukas and his buddies do magic. Vlad grabbed you and spun you around(pedo). Arthur smiled at patted your head. "So we wanted you to go in side this space here" Vlad put you down and you went there. "Very good" Lukas , Arthur and Vlad grabbed their books and started to chant something weird. You black out.

Lukas Point of View

__ fainted and Vlad caught her. Vlad told me "is __ a boy?" I looked at him confused "no she a girl" Vlad laughed a little "well not anymore" I was very confused "what are you talking about Vlad?" Arthur said with a little concerning in his voice.

__ Point of View

I woke up and felt really funny. I was back in my bedroom? I seen that I was in different clothes? Boy ones... I went to find Lukas. He was in the living room arguing with Emil. "Big brothers?" I said but my voice was alittle different kinda like a boys? "Oh hello __" Lukas said no emotion like always. Emil pushed him and yelled "don't act like nothing happened Lukas it's her body so tell her!" Lukas sighed and looked at me "I'm sorry __ but me and my friends turned you into a boy...sorry" I was shooked " do you know how to reverse this!" I yelled. Lukas picked you up "your going to have to kiss your true love..." You thought to yourself ' why is it always kissing someone!?' You sighed "who do I got to kiss?" You looked at Lukas. Vlad jumped out of nowhere "Me!" Lukas gave him the death glare and told me" It's up to you" then he called everyone to the room. Surprisingly Alfred Gilbert Vlad and Arthur was still here. They waited for me to choose. And I went for the person who would be a gentleman

about it Arthur. I kissed him and the lips gently. He blushed that I chosen him but Vlad was mad. After a couple of minutes I turned back into a girl. I was happy then turned to Lukas Arthur and Vlad "I'm never being your guinea pig again!" I yelled and went to my room thinking 'I'm so glad I didn't have to use the bathroom as a boy' and I fell asleep.

Lukas Point of View

I was glad she was back to normal but I couldn't help but to give Arthur the death glare as he was still blushing because my little sister kissed him. I slapped him on the head "what the bloody hell?!" Arthur said I didn't answer and walked back down to the basement.

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