"Nope. I love food, and you too I guess," she laughed, God, I loved her laugh. When she was truly laughing, it was obvious. Her eyes lit up, she gasped between laughs, she was smiling, she was beautiful, "What are you thinking about Cato?"

"You. How beautiful you are to me," I responded, pulling her a little closer to me. I wrapped my arm around her waist, and continued walking next to her.

"I love you Cato, and even though there is no such thing as perfection, you're as close to perfect I've ever seen," she commented, smiling.

When we walked into training, which was all day today, I received a glare from Alex, as well as from all of the guys in school.

"You two, come with me! Now!" Alex demanded. We looked at each other, and slowly followed Alex. Clove slid her hand out of mine, in an attempt to maybe make things a little better, "I heard that this one," Alex stated, pointing at me, "slept at uncle Brutus' house, in the same room as you!" He finished, raising his voice in anger.

"Alex! Chill! It is not like that, do you seriously think that little of me! I'm 10 for gods sake! I'm tired of you always assuming that I do bad things all the time. I'm tired of it!" Clove screamed back at him. I was shocked by how angry she had gotten, "You don't see me questioning you when you go to your girlfriends house or she comes over and stays, but if my boyfriend, who is being shunned by his father, does, it's a huge deal! You're the older one, you're more likely to do that than me! Just back off!" She finished, before slapping him and walking away.

"She's right," I told him before running after her. I caught up to her and turned her towards me, "Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm kind of pissed though, he doesn't trust me, and I don't get it, I get that I'm young, but in a little over a year I face the reaping. I am pretty much fending for myself sometimes, I'm pretty grown up for 2 days off of 11."

"I know I'm leaving the subject at hand, but speaking of your birthday, would you like to meet me at that house in the Victor's Village I took you to in order to calm down that one day?" I suggested, worries that she wouldn't want to, or like the idea.

"Of course, but what time, it's Friday, so we get out early," she trailed off, still thinking.

"What about...2?" I suggested slowly.

"If that works for you it works for me," she smiled before going on her tiptoes, kissing me in my cheek. "Thank you Cato. For calming me down," she added when she went back to her normal height.

"You would do the same for me, and it all comes with loving you," I told her smiling. "I will do anything I possibly can to keep you happy and safe, forever," I promised, hugging her quickly.

"Enough of this sappy crap," she finally stated confidently. "Let's get training!"

With that Clove turned on her heel, walking to our weakest skill, archery.

When I arrived at the archery station, the instructor raised an eyebrow, almost as if he was asking me why I was there, since I didn't really show an interest in archery most of the time, but I should be well rounded in the Games. Maintaining eye contact, I picked up a bow, one that was wooden, a long-bow, at least that's what I think they called it. I put an arrow into the bow, making sure it was secured on the string, before pulling the string back. Closing one eye, I finished pulling it back, keeping my elbow up, before firing. The string rubbed my arm, causing a slight burn on my inner forearm.

"Not bad," the instructor commented.

At that I looked up and saw that I managed to hit the line of the center. It wasn't a bullseye, but it was close enough that I smirked. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hot that close to center again, so I stopped smiling. I repeated the process of loading, setting, and firing about 10 more times, never getting as close as I had the first time.

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