ღTwo; I'd Rather Have a Shot in the Ass, Mr. Cupid.

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"I won't kill you, damn it. I am Cupid, whether you want to believe it or not." He hissed at me.

"Stop joking! It's not Halloween, nor April Fool's Day. Please, take all you want, but don't hurt me." Who in their right mind wouldn't think a strange man carrying a bow and arrow- and was in their room for no reason- wasn't some sort of assailant? Maybe be was some sort of a bounty hunter or something. He's definitely some sort of hunter, judging by his weapons, but who would send some sort of hunter after me?

I knew it. That heart attack was a sign I was going to die soon. I was at the mercy of this mental guy who kept saying he was Cupid. Either he was a burglar, or he just got out of an asylum. There was a possibility he could be both.

"Get out!" I thwacked him in the head with my pillow, making him stumble a little. "Help, help!"

He pulled away; his shirt had been torn off somehow, and his perfectly sculpted muscles were in plain sight. How could a thief look so distracting?

"We're not done yet." He said through gritted teeth, "I'll break the seal of fate and you will help me. You will believe me."

He wiggled his finger and his bow crawled to me, making me back away in fear. Whatever special effects or illusion he was using, it was very realistic. The personified bow reached at my hand and then held me up. It made me lean against the wall of my room, causing the lamp on the side of my bed to crash onto the floor, and Mister-Claimed-to-be-Cupid-Thief had this dangerous look on his face.

"Now, let's talk calmly." He pulled a chair and sat in front of me.

To say that I was embarrassed was an understatement. I was in my soft, somewhat see-though shirt and blue shorts that barely hit my upper thighs. He wanted to talk calmly. I couldn't!

"What do you want from me?" I blinked rapidly, trying to hold back all the tears. Whoever he was, I was sure he wouldn't back away that easily.

"Listen, I am Cupid. No, I'm not in a diaper. I'm a guy and I'm Aphrodite's son. Have you ever believed that mythology might be real?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowed in a hard line.

I shrugged, stuttering my words, "I don't know."

"They're all true." 

"If you need medicine—"

He cut me off. "I don't need pills. I'm not crazy, dammit! I'm telling the truth. Normally I would have acted the friendly card and reveal everything later but I don't have enough days to meddle with a mortal." He looked straight in my eyes. His sea-green ones were beautiful- a bit scary- and oh-so enchanting that it was impossible not to look away.

"But, this is... crazy..." I let my voice trail off, still not believe it. It was impossible, "If you're here to kill me, then please do it quick. You have nothing to gain from me."

Mr. Maybe-Cupid's unwavering eyes focused on mine again. "You will help me break this." His tone was low, dangerously threatening.

"No!" I screamed.

Why won't my brother hear me? His room was separated from mine by only a thin wall. He could have helped me. Where were my brothers when I needed them the most?

"Yes, you will." A dark look flashed on his face.

"Why are you doing this? Who are you?" I shivered, not because of the fact I was sparsely clothed, but from the sickening feelings of adrenaline and fear churning within me. 

"I'm fucking tired of repeating myself. I'm Cupid. Believe it or not, I'm the guy who actually shoots arrow to make people fall in love!"

"If you're so good with it, then why the hell did you shoot yourself?" I asked, contented with my smart retort.

Mr. Maybe-Cupid stood up and came near me. He tipped my chin up so that we were eye-to-eye, "I have no idea as to why the arrow failed me. You're not my match, and that's the part I don't understand."

His face was actually calm, but there was an aura of mystery and danger surrounding him. In the dim light, I could see his jaw clenching and unclenching, as if he were chewing on invisible bubble gum. The glorious body that he had was lean, yet at the same time, full of rigid tension. He also stood tall enough to both tower and intimidate me.

"Let me go, please!" I begged him, trying to put away this stranger. I resorted to telling myself lies.

This is just a dream. None of this is real.

Yes, this is a dream.

He touched my face and instantly, sparks flew up, it felt like I was electrocuted with a high voltage. Goose bumps rose on my skin. His touch was like a flame, starting small then growing bigger and greater.

"You feel that? That's the seal." He said through gritted teeth, "I will not be tied to a mortal."

It was true. The tingling pain was impossible to ignore. What was that? What was happening to my body?

My wrists burned from the hold of his bow. I wanted to be free, how could a bow tie my wrists up?

"Let. My. Hands. Go," I told him in a serious tone.

Finally, he snapped it free and I caressed the burn marks circumventing my wrists. I backed away and sighed, trying to keep my head straight. First, I need to straighten this out. This guy was clearly on some drugs. I didn't know how he managed to do this, but it was impossible.

"You have to get out of my room." My voice was firm, unwavering, "Right. Now."

Mr. Maybe-Cupid intensified his glare. His eyes were full of loathing and hatred towards me. "We're not done yet. You will believe me."

I threw another pillow. "Get out!"

Once I wake up, it'll be all over now. This was just a dream, none of it was real.

After minutes of convincing myself, I let out the breath. I didn't notice I had my breath held, but I finally let it escape once the stranger was gone. I scooted on my bed and rolled around restlessly. I could still feel his warm breath next to my face, and the way he touched me delicately.

No, I need to stop these fake fantasies.

These were all just dreams. 

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