ღTwo; I'd Rather Have a Shot in the Ass, Mr. Cupid.

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Two; I'd Rather Have a Shot in the Ass, Mr. Cupid

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"Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything?"

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        "Wake up!" I heard a strange voice, "Shit! I knew it. I messed up again." The voiced sighed. "Hey, will you wake up already?"

Why on earth was I hearing voices? My heart pulsed hard against my ribcage, and I felt goose bumps on my skin. The voice was dark, masculine, and surprisingly sexy. Maybe I was really hallucinating.

"This is stupid," the voice concluded. I could hear him faintly sighing in frustration.

I felt my body roll against the hardwood floor when suddenly, a foreign, sharp object collided with my arm. I yelped loudly and jerked awake, blinking my eyes rapidly. When my vision finally came into focus, I ended up gawking at a very pissed-looking man.

It wasn't an understatement, actually.

His hair was dark, with subtle bronze highlights scattered throughout. His jaw- which was chiseled to perfection- was clamped tightly shut. His eyes were blue-green, almost as if they were reflecting the water in a crystal-clear ocean. Despite the fact that he wore a coat, it was easy to tell he had a very muscular build. What made him look ugly was the scowl plastered on his face and the bow and arrow he was carrying around.

"Did you just—"

"Poke you with these?" He interrupted in a flat tone, "Yes, I did."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. How did he get in here? I looked around and saw that my windows were shut and the curtains in my room were drawn.

There's got to be something wrong here. He wore his black coat and his full set of arrows behind his back, except for the one he had clasped tightly within a fist, bent almost to the point of breaking.

"How—why—who are you?" I stuttered, failing to recognize who this guy is.

"I'm cupid—"

"Yeah, right." I scoffed, "And I'm your fairy godmother."

He hit me with his arrow and it pricked my skin, blood oozing up on my arm. I winced and cupped the wound, in a weak attempt to stop the bleeding.

"Get away from me, you psycho!" I shouted. Oh God, what if he wanted to drug me? What if that arrow had an injection inside?

"Look, I shot my arrow at you and I was about to hit another guy, but the other arrow accidentally bounced back in my hand. So basically I just sealed both our fates. And I don't have the time to take it slow. I would have explained this later but I don't want to waste my time," he explained, as if that was enough, his eyes glaring unexpectedly at me. 

"You're not real! This is getting nowhere!"

Mister-Fake-Cupid-Guy sent his arrow flying towards me and I yelped. He grabbed me by the arm as I screeched at him. I reached for my pillow and threw it directly at his face, hoping to catch him off-guard. He could be a kidnapper or burglar for all I know. And he kept knocking his arrow! What's his problem?

"Please don't kill me! Take anything you want; I'll forget this ever happened!" I pleaded, landing on my knees and clasping my hands together.

Mister-Thief-Who-Claimed-To-Be-Cupid only scowled at me and brought me up to my bed. I struggled to free myself away from his grip, but he only formed a tight lock on my wrists.

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