I Love You, I Love You Not, I Love You, I Love You Brother (Chapter 1)

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I Love You, I Love You Not, I Love You, I Love Your Brother (Chapter 1)


I'm so happy that the smile on my face is threatining to split my lips. I twirl around my room spinning faster and faster until i'm in the hallway and I trip on the rug and fall over the banister, straight into the arms of the reason I'm happy. "What are you doing, trying to break your neck?" he says to me teasingly.We kiss. Small pecks at first but then they start getting deeper and stronger and he puts me down and presses me against the wall. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He's restless with me. I can feel him growing and we make a move for the guest room when my mom walks in and puts a stop to any..... physical enjoyment. "Ma why do you always have to spoil our fun?" I said while throwing my arms around Matthew and nuzzeling his neck. "Because if I spoil the fun now I won't have to be a 36 year old grandmother later." " I'm sorry Mrs. Stone, I promise to take care of our baby girl" he said while putting his strong arms around my waist. "She's my baby girl, she's just your baby." with that said moms walked out of the room as quickly as she had come in. Checking to see if she's gone, I pulled Matthew into the guest room to finish what we started. Things were starting to get pretty hot as he causually slips his hand down my pants. I open my legs wider inviting him to pleasure me with his hand. I moan softly and he chuckles in response. "Matthew I've waited so long for this." I said as he bite passion markes onto my neck. "So have I Sarah." WTF, "Who the smurf is Sarah?". He realized his mistake and pulled back. "Get your hands out of my pants!" I screamed at him and pushed him backwards. He caught himself and walked out the room. "I'm amazed at you." I said following him out. He grabbed his keys and jacket off the couch. "Your not going to say anything. I've been your girlfriend of 6 months and i find out you were cheating on me!" he didn't respond just walked out the door. I ran after him and yelled, "Are you really not going to say anything?" he turned around and said "Later!" and continued down the driveway to his car. He hoped in and speed away all without looking back at me. How could this have gone so wrong?

[Hey this chapter was really crazy but I hope you like it. More will be coming your way soon]  

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