Dirty- Carter Imagine

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so this is really weird…. I’m listening to “under the sea” while writing a carter imagine what the actual fuck is wrong with me…

Anywhore, this is a dirty Carter imagine for MahoneIsLife.


It was finally 10:30 and you couldn’t wait to throw off all these horrid work clothes, take a warm shower, and sleep like there’s no tomorrow.

You waved goodbye to your boss before exiting your work. Your long legs carried you tiredly down the dark streets towards your apartment building.

You heard a loud crunch coming from behind you causing you to jump. You tightened your grip on your purse, fastening your speed.

You heard another loud noise. You turned your head to see what it was when you crashed rather hard into someone.

Your head snapped around to see someone wearing a black hoodie and jeans. Your eyes widen as you try to walk around the mysterious figure but he only follows you. With every move you make, he flanks you.

You start to run but it was no use. You blacked out and fell directly to the ground.


You opened your eyes to the dim lighting of what seemed like some sort of a warehouse. Where am I? you think.

You tried to shift from your uncomfortable position but it was no use. You were tied up. It was only then when you realized you were completely nude.

You started to scream but almost immediately, a strong hand was clasped over your mouth.

“Shh.” Quieted the dark figure.

He walked into the dim moonlight and took his hood off. You gasped. Carter.

“Carter, baby. I’m so glad you came, someone tried to kidnap me and-“ your frantic cries trailed off.

“W-What are you doing?” you asked as your boyfriend took off his hoodie, revealing his perfectly toned and tattooed body underneath.

He didn’t answer you. Instead, he roughly grabbed your thighs and spread them wide.


He only smirked before plunging his tongue into your heat.

You yelled out from the sudden pleasure Carter was currently giving you, instantly becoming wet. He brought his hands up to your entrance, plummeting his long fingers into you while beginning to suck fiercely on your throbbing clit.

Your hands broke free from the restraints. They flew to his head, ripping his beanie off to get better access at his hair, in which you began to pull.

He continued eating you out until you just couldn’t take it anymore. You released yourself all over his hands and face. He moaned against you as he cleaned you up, sending vibrations throughout your body.

Carter brought his large hands to your face. “Taste yourself, baby.”

You gladly sucked on his fingers, tasting your own liquids.

Carter’s next moves took you by complete surprise. He ripped off his pants and pulled you roughly from the chair you were sitting in, replacing you with himself.

He pulled you to your knees and placed his cock in your face.

Your eyes widened at the thought of what he wanted you to do to him.

He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you down to where you were only inches away from Carter’s manhood.

Gulping, you grabbed his length, automatically feeling carter harden even more at just your slightest touch.

You gently placed your tongue against Carter’s tip, tasting his pre-cum and to your surprise, he actually tasted really good.

You began swirling your tongue around him, enjoying this new found freedom. You took it to the next step, sticking him in your mouth a bit. Carter moaned out before thrusting himself even further into your small mouth. You began to choke on his size but you kept at it.

“Mmm Tanya… Damn.” He continued thrusting himself up into your mouth as you choked.

You felt his cock twitch as he came in your mouth. You swallowed each and every bit of it.

“I’m gonna fuck you senseless.”

His words making you wetter than before.

He slammed you into the wall, lifting up your leg and throwing it up over his shoulder.

“Damn baby, you’re flexible.” He growled in your ear.

Before you could retaliate, Carter slammed himself into your body causing you to throw your head back.

Without even giving you the slightest chance to adjust to his huge size, he began pounding into you as fast as he could.

“Carter! Fuck!” you scream.

“Scream my name baby, mmmmm. You’re so fucking tight and wet Jesus!” he yelled.

His large hands grabbed your ass and pulled your other leg up around him as well for better penetration.

Your breasts were bouncing up and down. Carter took notice of this and reached his face down, sticking one into his mouth. He began to suck and fuck you, driving you completely over the edge.

Your hands were clawing into his back, leaving marks up and down.

Carter hit your G-Spot and that was it. You had to bite his shoulder as the pleasure took your body completely over.

You could her Carter’s husky growls as you both hit your high and came all over the place.

He lied you down on the ground, his cum running out of you, as he jacked off and came even more on your stomach before completely collapsing next to you.

Carter pulled your weak body in his arms and held you close.

“I love you so fucking much Tanya.”




Anyways, If you want more Carter action, Read “Carter (Austin Mahone Fanfic)” by MahoneIsLife on wattpad!!!

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